Global Courier Services Limited

We provide options, quality service.

With Global Courier Services Limited the world is a virtual shopping mall as they bridge the gap between you and goods and services offered in other countries. Online shopping is a cinch when you have experienced and capable professionals to guide your steps and do the paperwork for you. Whether that product is something you want on TV, in a magazine, or on the Internet, they'll order it for you, pick it up, or have it delivered in a few days. It's that simple.

Ocean Freight

Global Courier Services Limited take the hassle out of customs clearance by managing your ocean freight with ease and at competitive rates too as a result of shipment consolidation. They offer door-to-door shipment from Miami and other major ports and ship household or office furniture, appliances, electronics and refrigerated cargo.

Sign-up-today Membership

Signing up is easy! Come in and fill out a membership form or sign up online at There is an annual fee of $1,500. Start enjoying great benefits such as:

  • access to an America-issued credit card.
  • competitive shipping rates.
  • superior customer service.
  • fast and efficient delivery service.

Global Courier Services Limited is located at 23 Lady Musgrave Road, Kingston 5, Jamaica. Contact them via email at or telephone 978-2101 or 978-5415.

Go Global Jamaica Limited

The local and international delivery company for you.

Having established themselves in the Jamaican marketplace for islandwide same-day door-to-door delivery, Go Global (Ja) Ltd is an emerging player in the international express services market. This impending success can be attributed to their global partners who share their goal of achieving the highest quality standards and the most consistent level of service.

We offer a total one-stop door-to-door array of international and local courier services, with air and sea transportation, efficient, cost-effective and secure transport solution to the world in record time.

Collective Office Locations

Go Global (Ja) Ltd operates with partners' collective office locations, human resources and an integrated computer system which easily facilitates the varying needs of all our customers. This technology tracks the movements of packages 24 hours a day, seven days a week to see the latest status of your shipments via the Internet.

In addition, we have at our disposal our own cargo airline, an on-board courier network, in-house customs brokerage and more than 20 years of experience.

Ultimately, the combination of close teamwork, technology and experience assures Go Global's customers locally and overseas of a superior total air and sea distribution system based on the highest standards of dependability, professionalism and personalised services.

Go Global (Ja) Ltd is located at 1 Richmond Park Avenue, Kingston 10, and is open Mondays to Fridays 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Telephone: 929-7292.

Tara Couriers

Innovating to serve you better.

Our motto, 'Going the Extra Mile', says a lot about the way we are always striving to serve our customers better.

Tara Couriers is always working to constantly innovate and improve our systems. From our upgraded state-of-the-art, computerised distribution management system, which tracks the movement of every package that passes through our hands, to our trained staff in the expanded call centre.

We now provide a motorcycle service for quick deliveries in the Corporate Area and have employed a number of additional couriers for out-of-town routes for better islandwide coverage. Tara Couriers now operates eight offices and 30 authorised drop centres across Jamaica. By making many small and large innovations, Tara Couriers will be going the extra mile to serve you even better.


Leading the market in easy, affordable online shopping

While many companies have tried to provide a quality freight-forwarding service for consumers to shop online and seamlessly receive their goods in Jamaica, none have performed the task with the scale and efficiency of Mailpac Services.

Located at 109 Old Hope Road, Mailpac is a 12-year veteran in the business and has served more customers and moved more packages than any other player in the market. "The reason people continue to use Mailpac is simple, we provide the quickest turnaround time with the greatest support and service, consistently," said Darlene Johnson, the company's customer-service manager.

Mailpac is also launching a series of services to make the clearing of goods more seamless, ensuring customers receive packages at the lowest possible price. One such solution is its package pre-alerting system, allowing customs to have an immediate view of packages and their respective costs.

Company executive, Alissa Forrester explained that, "while we have the most sophisticated tracking system in the business, we are currently launching other products to enhance the customer experience. These include more shopping locations, payment options, our pre-alert solution and a Mailpac prepaid credit card that can be used online."

SPEED Couriers Limited

We're exactly what you're looking for.

When staging a showcase of international acts, one knows the importance of on-time pick-up and delivery and customer service. Six years ago, such an event planning marketing company found the business of pick-up and delivery in Jamaica lacking; so much so that they employed and trained their own personal couriers solely for effecting this task whenever they were organising or staging an event. This is the story of SPEED Couriers Limited, one of Jamaica's premier courier services.

SPEED Couriers offers pick-up and delivery services of packages islandwide; consisting of door-to-door delivery service same day to major towns and cities twice daily. They have a fully computerised system that provides instant and continuous monitoring and tracking of all package deliveries. This superior service is enhanced by an experienced operational team amassing over 40 years of experience in the courier industry.

"We are particularly proud of our excellent and reliable same-day and next-day delivery service." says Carolee Johnson, marketing director, "But our competitive advantage is additionally distinguished by our affordable rates and our 'We pay first ... you pay later' service."

With SPEED Couriers, you save every time you bring us a shipment. The company has a strong client focus and is geared at forging long-term relationships, so SPEED Couriers works with its clients to produce satisfactory service which is the speedy delivery that the SPEED logo represents when your package is delivered.

Their offices are opened Mondays through Saturdays with emergency delivery options available. SPEED Couriers has two locations to serve you - head office is centrally located at 1a Hampton Close, North Avenue, Kingston 10 and a branch office at Lot 34B Miriam Way, Montego Bay.