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Getting listed in the Online Jamaica Gleaner Business Directory is easy. The outline of what your listing will look like is shown below.

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The Online Jamaica Gleaner Business Directory serves as an easy guide to business in Jamaica. We currently have hundreds of listings and your listing will increase the range of services listed.

The directory is used daily by Jamaicans, both overseas and locally, searching for different services and products. With more and more persons turning to the Internet for information, it is important that a listing not only shows your telephone numbers, e-mail address and web site address, but it should also tell visitors a little bit more about you.

This is what makes the Jamaica Gleaner Business Directory better than other directories. Along with the basic listing, you get a complete "about us" section to talk about your products, services, and locations. You can even include your company logo to ensure that your company's image is enhanced and brand is re-enforced.

Every day, two random listings are shown to different users, plus the last five listed companies are featured on the home page.

What do I need to do?

Simple Steps:

  1. Prepare your company information based on the outline above (See sample).
  2. Contact our sales representatives at 932-6073, 932-6296, 932-6137, or other telephone numbers listed on our contact page.
  3. Make your financial arrangements. It only costs J$20,000 + 16.5% G.C.T. per year per listing.
  4. Once you have paid, e-mail your assigned sales representative the information(as shown above and prepared in step 1) and we will set up your account and listing.

Managing your listing

Once your account (username and password) is set up, you will be able to edit your listing as often as you wish.

Gleaner Online will initially enter the information for you. You will then receive an e-mail with information on how to update your account and listing anytime.

Note Carefully
Please ensure that the information on your services are truthful. The Gleaner reserves the right to reject your listing if your information is deemed to be misleading and not represent the facts.