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Junior Reid's Bio

Junior Reid is a worldwide Reggae/Dancehall legend – the former lead singer of Black Uhuru – with chart topping hits including the monster hit One Blood, which won many awards and is still a club hit today. Junior Reid won three music awards in Jamaica in November 2007, he was featured on the American Music Awards with Alicia Keys on prime time American television.

One Blood was sampled by The Game for It’s Okay, and features Junior on the number 1 hit of The Game’s latest album.Reid is also featured on MIMS remix to the chart topping single This is Why I’m Hot. This single was a number one song on the radio and in the clubs, and the video was on heavy rotation on BET. In July to August of 2008, Junior Reid, alongside the Reggae Angels, toured the Western U.S., culminating in top billing backed by Sly and Robbie on Reggae Rising – in Humboldt, CA.

August 2008 saw Junior Reid and the Reggae Angels touring Europe, doing most of the major summer festivals in many European countries. Reid’s live show is in top shape, with a repertoire of hit after hit songs. His band is clicking and well worked in. Junior Reid is ready for action.

Andrew and Wada Blood's Bio

The One Blood Family is the featured Star for the Month of June and today THE STAR brings the final part of Andrew and Wada Blood’s bio. Andrew and Wada Blood have written and co-produced many songs, including; One stick a matches, Watch over me, Gal Haffi Bal, Drop It Pon Dem, and Want Tek Life, a collaboration with their father.

The budding stars continue to blend hip-hop with dancehall, and this is highlighted in their exciting single, Hustle Til the Day I Die. The song was produced by Firelinks and created waves on the popular dance scenes like Bembe Thursdays, Hot Mondays and Early Mondays. “The song is about and dedicated to all ‘hustlers’. Jamaica consists of many ‘hustlers’, and that is why we are so unique as a people,” they said. According to the duo, many people connected with the song and even volunteered to appear in the video to say their piece.

The single got incredible reviews, and soared to number seven on the local charts.At the beginning of May 2008, Andrew and Wada Blood gave a stunning performance at the Heineken Green Synergy Party, which was held in the British Virgin Island of St Thomas. They had young girls screaming and begging for more. After charting their way with Hustle Til the Day I Die, the young ‘Bloods’ released another single, It’s My Time. The music video for this single was considered controversial to some extent by some persons. Despite all of this, the request for airplay was phenomenal. Even prominent dancers on the dance scene have put together a dance that they believe was quite suitable and befitting.

The momentum surrounding It’s My Time has been building gradually, and it is quite possible that it will reap the same success as Hustle Til the Day I Die. Andrew and Wada Blood believe that they should make hay while the sun shines, so they are constantly in the studio working on a variety of music. All their fans will be dancing to the Gallis rhythm and their new single La La La, one that they say is very unique and displays another side of the duo. According to Andrew and Wada, “We have the anthem for all hustlers, so everybody who is a born hustler, or who wants to make it, will definitely love this song. Moreover, it is a happy song; we felt the vibe at the time in the studio, and just put it to music.

This was all to bring back some sort of happiness in the dancehall. The rhythm is just right.” Andrew and Wada want to be classified with some of reggae’s greats and reggae’s giants. According to the duo, “music is life” and the positive vibrations that generate from the music can work wonders, and that is why their mission is to create lifelong music. They are dynamic, versatile, and are on their way to making their mark in this exciting music industry. Who is to stop them now? Clearly, they are on their way to the top, no looking back. After all, a real hustler knows how to get there. “Keep the energy flowing through the music and spread pure positive vibrations,” said Andrew and Wada Blood.

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