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Miss Jamaica has been doing very well at Miss World but hasn't got any coverage in the media. The public's vote is very important to her chances. The public can vote for her by logging on to the Miss World website at www.missworld.com and following the instructions given. Her vote # is MW 408.


Sara Lawrence
Miss Crane Ridge Resort
Age: 21
Height: 5’ 91/2
Born in: Kingston, Jamaica
Educational Background: Immaculate Conception High School
Recently graduated from Randolph-Macon College, Virginia USA: Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology with an emphasis on Pre-Medicine. She attended the college on a 4 year academic scholarship.

Career Ambition
: Medical Doctor specializing in Obstetrics and Gynecology

Sara comes from an academic family and therefore has always been committed to her studies. Although she does at time feels the pressure to achieve because of her family history, she appreciates the lesson of setting high standards for oneself. During high school, she made sure she had time to be involved in school activities, acting as games captain for her house. In addition, Sara is an avid dancer. She once attended the In Motion Dance School and even considered doing a minor in the field.

Sara and Miss Jamaica World: Sara entered Miss Jamaica World because of the opportunity it would afford her to develop as a person. She is also excited about the opportunity to represent Jamaica because she is a proud Jamaican and believes deeply in the country’s potential.

Hello to everyone back home in the "yard" and Jamaicans everywhere!!

I have been asked by the organizers of the Miss Jamaica World Pageant to bring you all up to date on my activities here and I am grateful for the opportunity to do so. 

Since I have been in Poland I have had the opportunity to represent the wonderful girls of the Caribbean group on several occasions. The very first time I did this was for a photo shoot that took place when we all first arrived in Gdynia, Poland. I make it my point of duty that everywhere I go and to every person I meet, I leave a piece of our Jamaican hospitality. This was well accepted by the also warm people of Poland and almost instantaneously I became one of the most interviewed girls (I was told this by some of the senior journalists at TVP, the leading television channel in Poland). I have represented the Caribbean group at a press conference in Gyzisco and also at a debate in Wroclaw. The issues covered in the debate ranged from what we do in our respective countries for leisure to very serious global issues such as AIDS, poverty and global warming. I offered my input from a third world point of view and was happy to be a window through which all the people gathered there could have a look into some of the issues faced by the people of our country and how we deal with them. Many people also got a glance into the kindhearted nature of our people as I elaborated on many of our service clubs and organizations put in place to help combat some of these issues. For the Miss World "fast track" Sports event, I spearheaded getting a uniform for us (we all made shirts) and I also organized the making of a banner. I am a strong believer in strength in numbers and the unity of a group and daily, people observe our little Caribbean group and admire our special bond and I am happy to say that I was instrumental in that process.

As far as the actual Miss World "fast track" competitions go, I participated in the Sports event and though this is not my forte, I did both sporting activities and cheer leading when it was suppose to be either or . I submitted my testimony for Beauty with a Purpose and I am proud to say I made it to the finals of the Beachwear Competition. My experience at Miss World has been a very special one due in large part - I believe - to the fact that I have developed a very good rapport with the polish chaperones and journalists. This has resulted in my having had numerous interviews with the television, radio and newspapers including an opportunity to host a show and be "the journalist for 10 minutes" on TVP. I have even been asked to sing Bob Marley songs on stage and for the radio. I am using all these opportunities to show the world as much of Jamaica as I can. I make it my point of duty to display - to the best of my ability - our intellect, wit and warmth. I am enjoying my experience in Poland wholeheartedly as there is nothing I would rather do than represent our beautiful country Jamaica. I am very proud of our little island and our many accomplishments and when I have people see my sash and say "oooooohhhh JAMAICA, BOB MARLEY' "I LOVE JAMAICA", "Asafa Powell real fast!" I glow with pride and will continue to wave the banner of my country high in Poland and wherever I go.

One Love and God Bless


The other Miss Jamaica World 2006 contestants

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