Each year, The Gleaner recognises and awards the initiative, accomplisments and courage of one individual or organisation that has contributed significantly by word or deed to improving Jamaica's quality of life, at anytime during the year or is likely to bring about such a change in the immediate future. Your nominations in each category help a panel of independent judges to select the person or organisation for The Gleaner Honour Award 'Man of the Year'.

What Institution or Person will you nominate?


1) Set out the:
  1. (a) Nominee's Full Name.
  2. (b) Nominee's address and telephone number.
  3. (c) Brief description of the specific reasons for nominating the individual or organization.
  4. (d) Category in which you are nominating your candidate.
  5. (e) Your name, address & telephone number.
2) Submit your entry to:
The Gleaner Company Limited via:
Mail: 7 North Street, Kingston
Fax: 922-6528
Email: honourawards@gleanerjm.com

Deadline for submission - Friday, November 25, 2016


  • Following the end of the nomination period (usually a month), a panel of judges determines the winner(s).
  • In considering nominations, the panel of judges may consider persons or organisations not nominated by readers.
  • The judges may also confer Special Awards and Certificates of Merit in addition to the 'Man of the Year Honour Award'.