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Five persons your career depends on
Creating a successful career depends on an individual’s potential, competence, and drive. In many circumstances, it also depends on the people supporting the individual.

The Company Owes You Nothing
One of the most powerful lessons I ever learned was from a friend of mine who was almost laid off.

Early Lessons
Last week I wrote the first in the two part series on the 10 Working Basics that a young professional needs to learn when they first come into the workforce.

Early lessons
They wonder to themselves why they are learning subjects whose content they are unlikely to retain. They have a point. Years later, I admit that although I got stellar CXC results, I hardly remember what terms like mitochondria, moments, theorem and mole

Migrating to the US and Culture Shock
I don’t know of any statistics that measure the success of Jamaicans, or Caribbean people in their migration to other countries, but I do know that there are some who leave for America and end up no better off.

Should I migrate, or should I stay?
Most young professionals in Jamaica at some point have the choice of beginning the process of migrating to the U.S., Canada, the UK or another wealthy country. They might be encouraged by the idea of a more prosperous life, or discouraged by what they be

Following dreams
As mentioned in last week's article, young Caribbean professionals are hardly trained to follow their passions and interests in life. Instead they are taught to do what is expedient, easy and apparently will make them some money.

The young and the restless
An erstwhile, young professional leaving a tertiary institution probably has only one thing in mind – “How can I finally earn some money?”

The power of personal branding
Brand power. The big brands have it, and so do you. Harnessing your personal brand power, and communicating the essence of your brand to those around you can be easily done, as long as you remain focused on doing just that

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