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Values and your career choice
Do you know whether your personal values and needs match your career choice?

Surviving the pre-screening process
Pre-screening is the second stage of the recruitment cycle...

When work is better than a day at the beach
We are happiest when we are doing something useful. Finding a job or career you love will enrich your life...

Life as a loans officer

Creating a superior resume
How can you position your application to stand a better chance of passing the pre-screening...

Myron Heslop - drawn to design
Myron Heslop 2 loved art and drawing all his life but, up to the point of leaving Oberlin high in St. Andrew he did not link his passion for artistic endeavors with a possible career.

Career testing - should you try it?
Testing for career choice is one way of avoiding making bad employment decisions...

Michael Jones - Balancing business strategy with human resource needs
Jones' appointment to the HR role at BNS was made after he completed his MBA...

The competent human resource manager
The demand for human resource professionals in Jamaica has grown...

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