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Category: Sales/Marketing

INCOME: J$6,760,000

If you are amazing and work hard you will earn a great base and
uncapped commission.

1. Here’s the situation:We’re looking an aggressive closer who can sell by phone. This is legitimate.We are exclusive marketer for a US based Corporation that has been in business for 21 years. Last year we brought in a sales manager who has helped us to hone our sales strategy where we use only qualified, together with our proprietary method of tracking and managing leads that has resulted in aest. 10%-20% boost in individual productivity.

2. As this Ad says, this is a real job with a real company. You’ll be working by phone for a 21 year old company that sells and provide its services to other businesses. The best part is, the companies you’re selling to are COMPELLED BY LAW to buy the goods and services you’re selling! They have money and they have to spend this money each year to pay for what you are selling. This offer is legit. You’ll be working by phone representing a solid, U.S. based company that has been in business for 21 years. Our firm is presently enjoying very beneficial market conditions and is poised to double oureight figure revenue for 2018 with the increased demand for our goods and services in our market area of NYC, Northern New Jersey and Southern Westchester County in NY State, USA, due to greater number of construction projects, and increased enforcement by authorities.

3. To keep up our momentum, we need to bring in some new talent who can help us to new heights by enticing, educating and persuading new customers- increasing our revenue even further. We have an outstanding product and an unbeatable sales product. Plus, it helps that our customers are required, by law, to have our product and services. And if you’re selected, you’ll be personally trained and groomed for success by our very experienced sales
manager. You WILL get a paycheck every two weeks. The size of this check is guaranteed for six months however, if you crack the glass ceiling before six months, you’ll be able to earn the greater amount through commission. You WILL learn sales and marketing skills that will far exceed anything you’ve ever seen before, and more importantly you’ll have an opportunity to make an exceptional
income by providing a service that genuinely helps people. In other
words, this is a job you can / and will be proud of.
4. The potential to make an exceptional income is very real. In fact it’s
not event that difficult to do. Here’s why - First of all you'll be selling
to other businesses that NEED what you have and they are
REQUIRED BY LAW to have for compliance and safety purposes and
to avoid hefty fines for violations.

5. You do not need experience. The founders of this company is willing to give the right person an opportunity to prove themselves but you must a proficient command of the English language. Here are some qualities the success applicant will have:

• A “hunter” mentality that speaks to initiative, creativity, and a
commitment to sales.
• Dependability.

Pay Package

• Our three year income projection for goal achiever is

1. Yr1. $520,000 base plus J$6,240,000 = J$6,760,000

2. Yr2. J$520,000 base plus J$1,000,000 (est. com. from
residual) plus J$6,240,000 = J$7,670,000

3. Yr3. J$520,000 base plus J$2,000,000
(eat. Com. From residual) plus J$6,240,000 = J$8,670,000

• Base Salary is $20,000 fortnightly.
• Massive Residual income
• Leads furnished
• Paid Training
• Weekends off
• Our top salesperson made $2,596,167.6 last year, 2016.
About our Company / Sector
• In our 21 year history we have focused on delivering
exceptional customized service delivery.
• Our product is Fire and Life Safety Sales and services to NYC and Northern NJ
• Our customers are businesses that are mandated by law, to have the products and services which we offer.
• The business sector (Class A - we're in all sectors) we're in is valued at US$1,065.2 globally.
• The global value of this sector only, in our industry is projected to grow 5.7% annually between 2017 to 2027.

Qualifications: Candidate must be qualified in the position named above.
Deadline: March 31, 2018

Contact Information
Name: N/A
Address: N/A
Telephone: 997-2366-7
Fax: N/A

Ad Post Date: 2018-02-26



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