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Restuarant Associates Limited
General Manager – QSR Division
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Restaurant Associates Limited is seeking to hire an inspirational and motivational leader to fill the role of General Manager. Reporting to the Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the General Manager is responsible for the overall management of the day-to-day functions of all QSR Division throughout the island. As the GM, the incumbent provides feedback to the Board of Directors monthly on the performance of the business in meeting its objectives.





a. Leads the implementation of the strategic plan for the Division.


b. Provides technical advice to the Board and its Committees.


c. Maintains compliance with company policy, rules,and regulations.


d. Evaluates systems and structures for continual improvement, of the efficiency and effectiveness of the Division.


e. Keeps abreast of issues relating to the development of the QSR industry locally, regionally, and internationally.





a. Monitors and evaluates the performance of departments and the performance of partners, suppliers, service providers to ensure delivery of service/ROI.


b. Provides technical assistance, supervision and direction for the QSR management team and holds them accountable for results.


c. Ensure the respective Districts and all portfolio areas are audited to maintain compliance in accordance with franchise, local and international standards.


d. Implements and monitors an effective management system to ensure strict adherence to standards of food safety, waste management, product quality, speed of service, cleanliness and customer satisfaction.






a. Directs the preparation of the annual budget for submission to the Group CEO, Finance Committee and the Board of Directors.


b. Drives the profitability of the QSRs in accordance with growth targets.


c. Develops implements strategies to manage cost of goods and other significant cost drivers.


d. Directs the development and oversees the implementation of strategies for effective management of the Division’s cash flow to ensure availability of funds to support daily finances in accordance with disbursement policies and procedures.


e. Provides timely and accurate analysis of management and financial reports to inform Board decisions


f. Ensures the maintenance of appropriate policies, systems and procedures to safeguard all the assets of the Division.


g. Oversees the efficient and effective deployment of resources consistent with the mandate and objectives of the Division.


h. Ensures optimal utilisation and investment of the Division’s funds






a. Ensures the development of the annual marketing plan and the strategies, tactics and resources necessary to achieve revenue targets. 


b. Ensures effective control of marketing results, andtakes corrective action to guarantee that achievement of marketing objectives falls within designated budgets.
c. Establishes and maintains a consistent corporate image throughout all product lines, promotional materials, and events.
d. Establishes and maintains relationships with industry influencers and key strategic partners.
e. Checks and approves all advertisements, publications and announcements before release on print or electronic media. 


f. Provides leadership in the preparation and publication of the Annual Report, magazines, brochures, newsletters and internal bulletins. 


g. Develops and guides the implementation of communication strategies to project to internal and external publics the organization's work, achievements and objectives. 






a. Provides leadership and motivation to the staff in keeping with the policy and strategic objectives of the Company.
b. Supports the various strategies to institutionalise the Organisation’s Core Values and overall results-oriented and data-driven culture. 
c. Supports the development of Key Performance Indicators - KPIs for related QSR portfolio, monitor their performance and implement strategies to ensure their achievement.
d. Conducts performance evaluations for direct reports (QSR Management Team).
e. Reviews all escalated Employee Relation issues for disciplinary and all other human related matters. 
f. Provides direction and feedback to colleagues and follow up by coaching counselling to ensure job duties are performed to Organisational standards.


g. Participates in the recruitment of senior staff for the Division and recommends transfers, promotion and termination in accordance with established human resource policies and procedures.






a. Ensures the adherence to a preventative maintenance programme for the Division’s building, equipment, machinery and motor vehicles.


b. Ensures that the physical facilities adequately satisfy the needs of the Division and its customers and recommends upgrade of the facilities where necessary.


c. Negotiates and approves maintenance contracts with service providers within approved financial limits for motor vehicle, machinery and equipment; ensures tender processes are executed in accordance with established guidelines.


d. Monitors projects to ensure performance within contract – liaising with contractors and consultations to ensure variance on project cost and time are minimised or avoided; recommends and/or implements corrective action in cases of deviation from contract.


e. Participates in the development and ensures the implementation of the safety and security procedures for the Division.


f. Ensures that safety audits are executed in accordance with established time frame and guidelines and recommendations implemented in a timely manner.




Qualifications and Experience:


▪ Masters Degree in Management Studies or any related field plus
▪ A minimum of three (3) years experience at a senior management level
▪ Excellent understanding of financial management.
▪ Good computer skills




▪ Bachelors Degree in Business Administration or related field plus
▪ At least five (5) years experience at a senior management level.
▪ Excellent understanding of financial management.
▪ Good computer skills


Specific Knowledge Required:


▪ Sound and proven technical expertise in the field of managing an organization.
▪ Proven experience within the QSR industry at an organizational and management level would be helpful.
▪ Sound knowledge of management skills, eg. Budgeting, Project Management etc. 

Required Skills And Specialised Techniques:


▪ Excellent oral and written communication skills
▪ Ability to work under pressure
▪ Team management and motivation skills
▪ Good problem solving skills
▪ Ability to co-ordinate various functions effectively.




Key Competencies:


• Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writingin both English and Spanish
• Excellent report writing and presentation skills
• Excellent interpersonal and human relations skills
• Ability to motivate, coach and develop staff
• Ability to effectively impart knowledge to others
• Proficient in QSR operations
• Ability to develop, interpret and disseminate directions and instructions at the strategic and operational levels
• Ability to use initiative
• Displays integrity, flexibility and good work ethics
• Ability to multi-task and manage time effectively
• In-depth knowledge of strategic and operational planning 
• Proficient in Research and Data Management Techniques
• Strong Team Building Skills
• Ability to work in high level, high stressed and ultra-dynamic teams
• Excellent time, people management and negotiating skills
• Excellent analytical, problem solving, decision making skills
• High level of computer literacy



Special Conditions Associated With Job:


▪ Individual May Be Required To Travel Locally And Overseas In Execution Of Duties.
▪ Required to work beyond normal working hours, on weekends and public holidays from time to time.


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Ad Post Date: 2023-11-19



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