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Clear vacancies for lecturers and technical teachers

Do you have teaching skills and are you certified? There are many clear vacancies in this sector from the level of high school to university.

The human resources management department of the University of the West Indies in March, advertised on for senior lectures in music education, analytical/environment chemistry, for a medical officer, lecturers in mathematics, English, internal medicine, nephrology medicine, medical physics and biomedical engineering. A PhD in the relevant positions is required.

On the North coast, education officers state that they are particularly short of Spanish teachers as well as mathematics and science tutors in local high schools. In the area of science chemistry and physics teaches are needed.

"We have not been able to source these readily,” states Maxine Edlam, regional director for the Ministry of Education Region Three office which incorporates schools in the parishes of Trelawny, St. Ann and St. Mary.

To the same extent, she notes, “ we have not been able to find technical vocational teachers in woodwork, metalwork, electrical , building construction and related areas. We have had to be relying on artisans.”

The regional director says she has been informed that persons with certification and many with skills choose to go to Canada where they are paid well for the use of their skills.

“They are qualified and so they leave. They prefer to work within industry instead of teaching.”

Edlam is concerned that the artisans beign used in the classroom, although they bring to the table a lot of skills and experience, may not be able to tackle all aspects of the curriculum in terms of preparing students for the CXC and CSEC examinations .

“That is where our concern is. They do a good job in teaching the practicals, but
we remain concerned as our students are not advancing. Often out of a class of thirty only eleven can be sent for the examinations and of this number there might be only five passes,” the regional director stated.

She noted, “ It is not always the teachers fault as there are illiteracy issues. But, the fact is the colleges have not been training enough for industrial skills and those that they do train often elect to go abroad. The demand is simply more than the supply.”

In the case of Spanish, Edlam noted that students who pass the subject at CXC level are choosing to go into areas like law or international relations over teaching. Meanwhile, the colleges have not been sending out Spanish graduates to meet the demand.

*For UWI vacancies send application, resume etc to For vacancies in Trelawny, St. Mary and St. Ann call the Region Three office of the Ministry of Education.

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