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Investing in a market driven career

Joan Belfon
career Writer

If you have between $38,000 to $92,000 to invest in your education annually, you may want to consider training for a new career at the Vocational Training Development Institute (VTDI) - the tertiary arm of the HEART Trust/NTA which offers programmes at the post graduate, degree, diploma and certificate levels and providing a variety of options for persons seeking new career paths.

Programmes include the post Graduate Diploma in Education & Training; a BSc. in Career Development, a BSc. in Information Technology, the NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) level 5 (degree) TVET Instruction Training.

Diploma programmes are the Diploma in Building & Draughting, the Diploma in Entertainment & Events Management, the Diploma in Information Technology and the Diploma in TVET Instructor Training

Fees vary according to programmes. The average degree programme ranges from $77,000 - $92,000 annually; diploma programmes range from $38,000 - $63,000 annually.

The VTDI has been in existence since 1969, set up through a joint project by the Jamaican Government and the International Labour Organisation (ILO) to train professionals in the TVET sector. In 1982, the VTDI came under the umbrella of the HEART Trust. The Institute is situated in the 'university town' of Papine.

At the VTDI, programmes are market-driven, aiming to equip individuals with the competencies necessary to secure employment in the modern economy upon graduation. Graduates find employment in the education sector, one of the major clients of the VTDI, the IT industry, the Building & Construction industry, the entertainment industry among others.

Persons pursuing the career development options will find employment opportunities in human resources as well as the education areas.

Programmes are delivered and assessed using the competency/outcomes-based approach. This methodology ensures students are given opportunities to demonstrate competence in their area of specialisation.

Training is available from Monday to Saturday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. allowing participants to create a timetable conducive to their other activities. The Institution also offers three of its programmes - the Diploma in Education and Training, Diploma in Career Development and the Diploma in TVET (Instructor upgrading programme) via blended modalities at its offsite location in Mandeville.

Students have several payment options available based on their financial needs-per semester payments, quarterly payments, scholarships etc. Other fee payment arrangements are also possible based on individual need.

* Joan Belfon is Manager Communications, Marketing & Promotions at VTDI/HEART Trust/NTA.
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