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Pay close attention to the look of your resume

Patricia Kitson-Grant

Patricia Kitson-Grant
Career writer

Pay close attention to the presentation aspects of your résumé.
Your heading at the top of your first page should include your full name, one home address, telephone numbers (home and cellular) and your e-mail address. Do not include an alias name in your heading. Make it compact; use single-line spacing.

Other must-dos are as follows:

ˇ Include your name at the top of all pages for a multiple-page résumé.
ˇ Avoid tables, borders, vertical lines, and reverse type for graphics as these tend not to print well when your résumé is sent by e-mail.
ˇ Apart from the heading and perhaps the sub-headings of the various sections of your résumé, no other information should be centred.
ˇ Use bold letters for your name on page one as wells as for section headings, degrees, school name (if impressive), company name and position titles (if impressive).
ˇ Ensure consistency in the use of boldface, italics, bullets, underlining, capital letters, and the placing of periods at the end of sentences.
ˇ Use words for numbers up to and including ten; write the numerical form for numbers from 11 upwards.
ˇ Ensure there are no punctuation, grammar, typographical, spelling or syntax errors.
ˇ Explain abbreviations and consistently present these in the same manner. For example, decide whether to use UDAS or U.D.A.S. and use your selection consistently.

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