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Jobs market declines but some sectors recover

The Ministry of Labour and Social Security (MLSS) employment trends or hot jobs report for second quarter 2009 indicates revived demand in some sectors although demand for labour declined in general.

For the period April 1, 2009 to June 30, 2009, several employment categories showed a reduction in the number of vacancies for the period April 1, 2009 to June 30, 2009 compared to the previous quarter. A total of 1,185 positions were advertised in local newspapers compared to 1,321 in the January to March quarter, a 10.3 per cent decline.

However, clerical occupations increased to 188, an increase of 42.4 per cent from the previous quarter (132) and plant and machinery operators occupations and assemblers increased to 73, an increase of 32.7 per cent.
Skilled agricultural and fishery occupations had the least advertised vacancies (2) for the April to June quarter and this group had a 77.7 per cent decline from the previous quarter

Figures for the quarter under review indicated an increase in demand for teachers, reversing the first quarter trend.
Similarly, within service, shop and markets sales workers group, recent figures show an increase in demand for cooks and chefs of approximately 58 per cent.
There was also what was described as a large decrease in demand for craft and related Trade Workers. Data for first quarter had indicated a decline as well in this sector.

Generally, during the previous quarter (January to March 2009) the top occupations advertised were maintenance workers, sales representatives, managers, domestic helpers and bartenders. Some of these occupations were also in the top ten during the April to June quarter.

In the second quarter, the type of managers that were in demand included operations manager, restaurant manger, marketing manager and procurement manager. The type of teachers that were being demanded include Mathematics, Spanish, French, English and Physics.

Teachers were been required for grade nine level up to CAPE. The type of lecturers that were in demand included statistics, mathematics, special education as well as instructional technology.

The MLSS report states that examination of a private sector electronic job matching service for the quarter under review showed that a total of 98 vacancies were posted. The occupations that were highest in demand included managers, accountants, sales representatives and teachers.

Total Advertised Vacancies by Occupation Group: April o June 30, 2009

Professional Category Jan-March April-June % Change

Professionals 461 403 -12.58%
Clerks 132 188 42.42%
Service Workers 334 259 -22.45%
Agricultural Workers 9 2 -77.78%
Craft Workers 46 18 -60.86%
Plant and Machine Operators
and Assemblers 55 73 32.73%
Elementary Occupations 281 242 -13.88%

Source: Ministry of Labour analysis of Jamaican newspapers January 1, 2009 to June 30, 2009.
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