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Dressing well on the job for less

With the power of your dollar dwindling with every month that passes, you may be wondering what strategies to use to maintain that well dressed look when you go out to work.

It is true as well that looking well put together will help you to feel better in times when challenges abound.
There is no time like the present to freshen the look you are taking on the job.

The experts believe that dressing well for less is possible if you pay attention to basic principles of wardrobe building and clothing combination.
Classic suggestions from the experts include:

1. Build on what you have. Do not consistently select pieces which themselves need new accessories or cannot be mixed and matched with what you already have.
Select one or two central colours for your wardrobe to which it will be an easier task to add what you already own. Contrasting colours can also be used with what you already possess in your closet.

2. Buy styles that are less likely to go out of fashion. Avoid extremes. Shirts and blouses should be of classic cut. Avoid strangely designed sleeves or cuffs and collars.

3. Use belts and other accessories that are "in" today to add a new look to yesterday's suits.

4. Learn to buy good quality dress items. Poor quality clothes do not last as long and actually look inferior or cheap as well.
The same goes for bags. Plastic bags have their place, but, one bag of excellent quality is better that six plastic ones for work.

5. Select clothes which are well made. Buy materials which breathe, examine seams for proper construction and avoid garments which need dry cleaning. Look for straight seams and zippers and lapels that lie flat.

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