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Happy holiday job hunting

Getting an extra job for the holidays can help you earn money for gifts and also buy necessities for going back to school. If you are looking for work this season, you may consider delivery services, restaurants, supermarkets, toy stores as well as remittance, electronic and gift stores and other retail outlets which are likely to see increased business as the season progresses.

Keep looking in the shop windows for signs stating that workers are needed. Many business find this a cheaper means of advertisement than any other.

You should also pick up the telephone and call the locations where increased activity is likely to happen during the season.

You may also consider scouting for work at the post office and the ports which are also inundated with packages, barrels and other goods at this time of year. More hands will be needed to make work light and savvy employers will pay for good workers.

If employment to others will not your butter churn, you may alternatively consider selling Christmas or holiday household wares door to door.

If you roll through your neighbourhood with such goods as ginger, bottles of rum, pimento and sorrel for sale, what do you think are the odds that you will come away with everything sold? Very good, we should say.

Or, if you source beautiful curtains, bed linen and chair covers for resale at reasonable prices, you may very well make big sales at this time of year.

What talents or skills do you have to use to earn money this season? Can you paint walls really well? If you can, then you may find jobs of every size in your own neighbourhood. There are also other home improvements for which you may have the technical know-how.

You may also offer to deliver groceries at competitive prices during this time when householders will be wanting to avoid the crush in supermarkets, meat and liquor stores.

In general, delivery services may be also hiring seasonal package handlers, more drivers and driver helpers, especially for late shifts.

Prepare to work nights and weekends

The experts advise that you should prepare to work nights and weekends. During the holidays, the hours of business and work are extended to cope with increased customer demand.

When job hunting, have names and telephone contacts of references handy. Be sure to have current phone numbers, both daytime and evening. You should also be honest about what hours you are available to work.

If working during the holidays is more to keep boredom at bay than anything else, you may want to consider volunteering with a children's home or another organisation which will be glad for the extra help but whose line of work is dedicated to charity.

Do not be shy about asking individuals who you know to check what openings may be available for holiday work in their companies.

In a community as tightly knit as Jamaica, the personal contact is worth its weight in gold as a method of securing employment or holiday work.

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