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Put your best foot forward

No matter how ugly the uniform or drab the clothing you are forced to wear to work, you can strike a note for style with the shoes you choose to wear to your place of employment.

While employers tend to be fairly strict about the clothing style in which they expect workers to dress each day, these rules are relaxed, relatively, where footwear is concerned.

As long as the shoes you choose are not flat, plastic espadrilles or “push in toe” as we call them, the sky is the limit in coordinated style.

We say coordinated because whatever you choose must strike a note for good taste and must not stand out in a way that indicates that your may be having a bad fashion day.

With all of that said however, you may indulge your taste for fine designer shoe wear to the deepest extent that your pocket can stand it.

Comfort, of course is always an issue. Be sure to measure your feet so you get the right shoe size. Buy the work shoe size of your biggest foot. Shoes should be comfy fit tight around the heel so your foot doesn't slip out when walking and also support your arch.

Although you may have a wide selection of shoes, it is advised that you choose work shoes that are appropriate for your working conditions. Shoes should be able to withstand whatever pressures you bring to bear daily.
Check for shock absorption heels if you will be walking or standing a lot, especially on hard surfaces though.

Some jobs will require specialist foot wear like steel reinforced safety shoes e designed to protect your feet from common machinery hazards.

Others guard against high or low temperatures, slippery surfaces, chemical, and/or electrical hazards.

Whatever your specific requirements and tastes, you can ensure that your footwear meets established safety standards and enhances the overall look of your working ensembles.

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