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Blissed out

If you have been feeling a bit ragged and overworked lately
we have here assembled some of the tips which the experts suggest will make the world feel much less liek a spinnign top.

There are some very practical things which you can do to increase your level of happiness. The pathway to bliss is one based on persistent lifestyle changes, self discipline and new attitudes which are not at all hard to develop.

Here are out top six choices:

1. Get more exercise: Activity that increases the
right rate and causes us to 'break a sweat ' also
releases natural serotonins in the body, chemical
substances which are also `feel good` hormones.

2. Throw out junk foods, cigarettes and other quick
fixes. Choose stomach-filling
fibrous foods, adequate protein and exercises

3. Fast Periodic fasting which is done in many
different ways (fasts range from juice fasts to total
fasts) is also said to be a useful technique to quiet
the mind.

The body's organs gain relief from the treadmill of food processing and waste removal during fasting. Additionally, the practice
encourages the development of self discipline which
is also needed when we are emotionally upset and
faced with adversity.

4. Learn to meditate. There are many means and
methods of achieving this reflective state of mind
in which all thoughts are stilled, or alternatively,
only positive reflections are allowed into the
consciousness. Meditation is immediately beneficial,
both in a physical and emotional sense.

5. Change the things you can and accept those you
cannot. Some of the worst stress and unhappiness in
our lives is the result of decisions which we know we
should make and yet we keep putting off in the hope
that the problem will disappear. It will not.

6. Like people and like yourself. This matter of
extending pure love to other people, without any
agenda whatsoever, has been put forward as one sure
means of becoming happier. When you realize that each
individual has something different and even special
to offer and that you can like them on their own

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