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Chef Karl Thomas

Certified executive chef and chef technologist at the University of Technology (UTECH) Karl Thomas is a lecturer in the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management.

While the 30-year-old man states that opening a restaurant or other business now in the current economic climate might not be the best idea, there are other opportunities by the score for those how are skilled and certified in food preparation.

At the very top, he notes are executive chefs at large resorts.
"Working for a Superclubs or Sandals, besides being paid a very comfortable salary, you can live in property with all bills paid and a car given to you and also maintained properly. To get this, all you will have to do is manage the kitchen properly and staff as well."

Thomas, a graduate of the Runaway Bay Heart Academy, has lived a life of continuous education, with the most recent upgrading being advanced professional chef programme done with the Culinary Institute of America through Runaway Bay as facilitator in 2007. He is now certified as executive chef, level three.

Before this, he completed the certified chef de cuisine - level two programe through the same institute.

His current duties at the UTECH, in addition to lecturing, include overseeing the operation of kitchens/food laboratory including production activities, expenditure and inventory levels.

He makes budgets, creates innovative dishes to satisfy all tastes and sees that expenditures are maintained within budget.

Previously, Chef Thomas was also employed at the Runaway Bay Heart Academy as sous chef with the responsibility of contributing to the visibility and profitability of the hotel.

Thomas states, "food preparation is definitely a very good business to get in. Everyone has to eat everyday."
Thomas told Careers that he has never had second thoughts about his choice of a career.

"I am pretty comfortable sharing with young minds at UTECH. I am teaching them to love what they do because this is must.

"If you love what you did you never have to work a day in your life. For me, being a chef is the ultimate in life."
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