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Management and sales are hot occupations

A survey of the labour market during the last quarter of 2009 – October to December -reveals that for the period top occupations advertised included managers, teachers/lecturers, sales representatives and practical nurses. Ads for baby sitters and housekeepers also abounded.

According to the Ministry of Labour and Social Security (MLSS) labour market survey which is released in Febraury, some of these occupations were also in the top ten during the previous quarter. However, there were new occupations in high demand during the quarter under review such as accountants/auditors, waiters/waitresses and sales representatives.

The types of managers that were in demand included operations, human resource, marketing and communications, hotel and project.

The types of teachers that were being demanded included Mathematics, Spanish, French, English Language, Human and Social Biology and Chemistry.
The teachers were required for CSEC and CAPE. The types of lecturers that were in demand included Anatomy, Psychology, Law, Hospitality and Tourism as well as Communications.

Some advertised jobs and required qualifications were as follows:

NVQ - J certificate in Bartending (fluency in a second language would be an asset)

Sales Representatives - 1st degree preferably in Marketing or 5 CXC including Mathematics and English (depending on the employer)

Teachers/Lecturers. For teachers a first degree along with formal teacher training was required. For lecturers a PhD in the area of specialization along with teacher's certification or diploma was asked for.

Bakers/Cooks/Chefs - Graduate of Runaway Bay HEART Academy

Drivers/Dispatchers - Secondary level education along with a valid driver’s license and experience

Receptionists/Customer Service Representatives - 5 CXC including Mathematics and English or High School Diploma

Accountants/Auditors - 1st degree in Accounting/ACCA level II qualifications along with knowledge of ACCPAC software, quick book and turbo payroll

The MLSS labour market survey also reviewed one a private sector electronic job matching service for the quarter under review showed that a total of 71 vacancies were posted. The occupations that were highest in demand included managers, accountants and sales representative. The types of managerial positions that were posted included branch, bar, account and center.

An analysis of hot occupations (hot occupations refers to the jobs which are most frequently advertised) for the period January 1, 2008 to December 31, 2009 showed that approximately 30 per cent of the vacancies advertised were in the professionals, senior officials and technicians category.

In this occupational despite the decline in demand within the October to December 2009 quarter teachers remained the most requested.
Within service, shop and markets sales workers group, since January 2008 there has a been a steady decline in the demand for sales representatives; however, since the July to September 2009 quarter there has been an increase in demand.
In addition, the demand for bartenders continued to increased since the July to September 2009 quarter.

There continued to be a large decrease in demand for craft and related trade workers, especially since the first quarter of 2009. In elementary occupational workers, janitors/handymen recorded a significant increase in advertised vacancies during the quarter (October to December 2009). This was also the largest number of advertised vacancies for this occupation in over a year.

* Information sourced from Ministry of Labour and Social Security Hot Jobs survey.
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