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Taking stock of JAVA skill sets

I choose to write on JAVA, as the tech community celebrates "A Decade of JAVA". A fitting tribute to this wonderful technology, which made the Internet and changed the way business was done.

For all the aspiring JAVA professionals, the good news is JAVA continues to be the HOT in the market place with over 20% of the IT jobs requiring JAVA skills according to an industry survey.

However, knowing Java programming is not enough any more and skills such as Servlets, Java Server Pages (JSP), Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) and XML gaining importance. Skillsets on specific application servers like Weblogic and IBM Websphere, Oracle, Apache, Linux etc., have assumed significance. For a Java developer eyeing the wireless market it is imperative that a sound understanding of the J2ME platform is important.

Opportunities for a java professional traditionally exists in the web enabled applications/ e-commerce but of late mobile application companies have triggered a great demand

Certification (JCP) JCP is not enough for landing a job but it certainly is a good start point. While the certification assess the candidates' knowledge largely on the technology, Assessments are designed to test the candidate on application of the technology and hands on knowledge. Most companies administer pre-recruitment assessment on candidates with 0-4 years of experience and they are normally tested on Core Java (Basic & Advanced); J2EE on EJB, Servlets, JSP and XML. Employers prefer high level of competence in EJB and XML.

This technology is growing from strength to strength revolutionizing the industry and opening up new vistas in the job marketplace.

- Mohan Kannegal, Director & Co-founder - MeritTrac Services
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