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The Jamaica Employers' Federation- Building International Business Bridges

The World Bank publishes an annual report on the ease of doing business in different countries. The report tracks a set of regulatory indicators related to business start-up, operation, trade, payment of taxes, and closure by measuring the time and cost associated with various government requirements.

The most recent report, Doing Business in 2006, rated New Zealand as the easiest country to do business in out of 155 economies measured.

The Jamaica Employers' Federation has recognized the business opportunities that become evident for countries such as ours doing business in countries like New Zealand and has brought in a very important player in the development of business and businesses in New Zealand.

Phil O'Riley, CEO of Business New Zealand, New Zealand's largest advocacy group for enterprise and a leader in the development of International competitiveness along with Mr. David Hall, CEO of internationally renowned Digicel in addition to Mr. Brent Wilton, Deputy Secretary General International Organization of Employers, will be leading a session entitled; International Business Conference, "Doing Business in the Global Marketplace", which will comprehensibly explore the challenges and successful strategies for small developing economies and enterprises.

In today's competitive global emerging global market where doing business with a company in a far away land has become essential to the growth and development of almost of industry, CEOs and business professionals will need to be able to compete with not only local competition but the whole world. This will mean that it will not be business as usual and business leaders will need to educate themselves on an international level if they desire to (expand their businesses) or take their companies to the next level and still be profitable.

The Jamaica Employers' Federation has recognized this truth and has decided to address some of the key issues that will face tomorrows' businesses by providing this platform for creative thought and cutting edge learning in preparation for what lies ahead for our nations businesses.

On Thursday, May 3-6, 2007, these issues and much more will be addressed at JEF's 25th Annual Business & Workplace Convention that will be held at the Sunset Jamaica Grande Resort in Ocho Rios. This promises to be a conference meeting that no CEO or decision maker regardless of industry can afford to miss.
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