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White Paper on Offshore Development of Technical Documentation

The Writers Block (TWB) technical documentation outsourcing and training services provider has released a White Paper on Offshore Development of Technical Documentation.

While offshore outsourcing is a fairly commonplace practice today it faces significant challenges, especially in a new off-shoring discipline such as Technical Documentation. If these challenges can be met, customers world-wide can benefit from both the cost arbitrage and expertise that offshore outsourcing provides.

The White Paper on Offshore Development of Technical Documentation explores the requirements for off shoring documentation and the inherent challenges. It also offers solutions, which help resolve the relevant issues effectively, thereby enhancing the quality of the final product.

The paper focuses on vital collaborations, modular sourcing of resources and managing the risk of off shoring. It underscores the importance of accurately creating the baseline and identifying the required scale.

Offshore solutions are discussed in depth, with vital points that companies need to consider before off shoring, such as ensuring an appropriate business for Technical Documentation, Customer-Service Provider Development Methodology, Project Management, Budgeting, Configuration Management and Evaluation.

Improved information understanding, competitive pricing and globalisation are the driving factors behind the successful adoption of off shoring Technical Documentation. Most corporations cannot ignore the fact that the concept of document off shoring can be used to accomplish improved performance, focus on core competencies and growth in revenue.

The white paper would be useful to organisations that aim to deliver better value to customers, managing support costs and enhancing customer loyalty by providing them cost competitive and high quality documentation that can be sourced from an offshore business partner.
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