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Outsourcing provokes workforce excess?

The high tech labour market is seeing a very undesirable trend these days. Outsourcing means that many professionals, especially in the IT sector see some fierce competition coming from abroad.

What strategies can be employed to avoid this setback?

In United States right now, 37% of all programming needs get outsource to countries like India, China or Ukraine. This poses a great threat for the onshore software development companies, but even a greater threat for the professionals involved in the process.

Finding the right job these days is much harder than it was five or six years ago. “Sending resumes by reading ads in the newspaper simply doesn’t seem effective anymore. For every ad in the newspaper there will probably be some very fierce competition, which allows a high degree of leverage for the employer,” says John Doe of

His company has introduced a concept to address this issue.

“The job market with all these deficiencies has still some rather peculiar habits that can be used by a professional to his or hers advantage ”, says Doe.“ It is a well known fact that the ads you see in newspapers or specialized websites represent only the tip of the iceberg. Only 10 to 20 percent of the job opportunities are ever advertised. What we attempted to do was to give access to our users at the other 80 to 90 percent.”

Ironically enough, what gives it’s edge is also outsourcing. Many companies would rather use a recruiting service, rather than putting a strain on their human resources department. These recruiting companies act as a gateway between the employers and professionals, but their hiring practices are a bit unusual. They try to collect as many resumes as possible and than call the appropriate candidates.

The downside of this method is very clear. The resumes may be outdated or inaccurate. This why Doe’s venture is popular; not because professionals really like it, but because recruiting companies do. “When you have the possibility of sending a single resume to all the major recruiting companies, written in a professional, guided manner you will likely try it. Our advertising campaign is actually more addressed to the recruiting companies, because once an unemployed professional will se our offer, we are pretty sure that the service will sell itself.”
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