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Issue #14, March 29, 2003
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This Easter Enjoy Juicy, Fruity, Maxfield Easter Buns

The latest edition of the Go-Jamaica.com newsletter.
This week we are featuring:

  • Go Jamaica Pieces of the Past
  • Youthlinkjamaica.com - a profile on Sean Green: Look Out Tiger Woods
  • Go-Local Jamaica "DA Flex".
  • Go-Jamaica Personals
  • Spring is in the air… say Happy Birthday with flowers.
  • eCommerce - showcase 'A We Dis'.
Go Jamaica Pieces of the Past

Pieces of the PastDo not adopt the best system of government, but the one that is most likely to succeed. -- Simon Bolivar, Letter from Jamaica, September 6, 1815 .
Bolivar dedicated his life to the independence of the then Spanish colonies and the dream of Latin American unity. To find out more about this great hero just log on to http://jamaica-gleaner.com/pages/history/

Youthlink - a profile on Sean Green: Look Out Tiger Woods
a profile on Sean GreenConfident, tall, strong, motivated, determined, charming, good potential for leadership... These are adjectives that come to mind when one thinks about Sean Green. A strong, young leader in the making, who is creating waves not only in school, but also on the local golf scene. Read the full story on youthlinkjamaica.com
Go-Local Jamaica "DA Flex".
Go-Local Jamaica "Da Flex".Okay, this week is ladies choice… check out fashion model Andre Watson on DA flex' - Go-Local Jamaica's entertainment web site. For the latest local happenings, news, vibes, 'suss' and best of all pictures of those 'happenings' - this is the place to be. If you want to showcase an event let us know. If you want to submit some images of parties you think were the 'bomb'. Let us know. Watch this slot for more exciting new features. http://www.golocaljamaica.com/entertainment/
Go-Jamaica Personals

vibesconnectIf you're feeling lonely? Let us rescue you - check out Go-Jamaica's new personal service in association with www.vibesconnect.com. Be a part of our community of quality, eligible singles. A community, which offers a safe online environment to meet people with similar interests where you can remain anonymous, until you feel ready to develop a further relationship. http://www.vibesconnect.com/in/gojamaica

Flowers and Gifts for every occasion

Spring is in the air and Go-Jamaica has flowers for every occasion. Take a look at our store and choose from a variety of floral arrangements for every occasion (anniversary, birthday, sympathy). Keep an eye out for some of our amazing Easter gifts that will hit the waves in April. Watch this spot for more details. http://www.discoverjamaica.com/gifts/

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Flowers and gifts

Do things the Go-Jamaica Way
New Music Mixes
Now you can listen to some of the country's most popular dancehall, calypso and reggae mixes at http://jamaicastar.com/ruggedjams/ Every week we will bring you new mixes. Enjoy the music and remember to share it with your friends.
Go-Jamaica Store

Go-Jamaica StoreGo-Jamaica merchandise is now online. Gifts include trendy T-shirts for men & women, hats, caps, bags and of course the delightful cuddly toy.

Store Profile: Take your business online with Go-Jamaica.
A We Dis". sampleHeather Sutherland Wade, is a Jamaican artist, visual designer and owner of "A We Dis".

She is inviting you into the heart of Jamaica and the Caribbean region through her "A We Dis" Caribbean Landmark Collection of fine art, available as prints on paper or canvas in a variety of sizes.

The collection captures the richness and diversity of a region where centuries of overlapping cultures, architectural styles and art forms have combined to make that unique flavour called Caribbean.


This Easter Enjoy Juicy, Fruity, Maxfield Easter Buns, Anywhere in Jamaica, Anywhere in the World
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