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Issue #17, April 19, 2003
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  • Go-Jamaica Chat with Deejay Assassin
  • Youthlinkjamaica.com - Confidence Not Arrogance
  • Go-Local Jamaica Asks The Question - Are You Ready To Have A Baby?
  • Show Your Appreciation With A Gift Of Flowers
  • Go-Jamaica Client Showcase - Sex & Scandal Climax In The Heat of Jamaica Carnival
Deejay Assassin To Speak Online

AssassinHe is still young, but his style, talent and lyrical prowess are far advanced for his age. Deejay Assassin, known to his family as Jeffrey Campbell, chose his stage name after coming out on top in several deejay clashes among his friends, while attending high school.

However, the positive thinking youngster who is under the guidance of the Penthouse label is serious about putting his musical career on higher ground. It's no mere coincidence that Penthouse was responsible for the success of a number of reggae and dancehall stalwarts over the past decade. Cutty Ranks, Marcia Griffiths, Tony Rebel, Wayne Wonder and Buju Banton are among those listed.

To find out more about the Star entertainer of the month, Assassin log on to http://www.go-jamaica.com at 6 pm on Tuesday 22 April.

N.B. The transcript of the chat session on "Reducing Cancer Risk" held on April 14, 2003 is available at

Youthlinkjamaica.com - Confidence Not Arrogance

Youthlink JamaicaPurposefully, you carry out your tasks as you aim for excellence. You, yes you, have accomplished so much and still you work non-stop to achieve so much more. Your potential is limitless. You toil for the success that so many have come to expect. You are one of the best and you know it. My friend, half of the world makes the common mistake of thinking that people like us are arrogant. Read the full story... http://www.youthlinkjamaica.com/news2.html

Go-Local Jamaica Asks The Question - Are You Ready To Have A Baby?

Go Local JamaicaHe's ready she's not. A baby, he tries to reassure her, would solidify their love, and take their relationship to a better plane.

Cheryl, 29, a public relations consultant and Mark, a 34-year-old accountant, contemplating marriage, have had epic battles about when and if to have children. Mark says he's ready to settle down and have a family. Cheryl, though welcoming the idea of getting married, is skittish about the idea of giving birth and the wreckage to her body and career. He has called her selfish; she has accused him of being pushy and impatient. Read the full story… http://www.golocaljamaica.com/readarticle.php?ArticleID=59

Show Someone How Much You Appreciate Them With A Gift Of Flowers

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Apart from Easter, April also celebrates 'Secretaries Week', show your appreciation with a gift of flowers. Remember we can deliver your flowers anywhere on the Island.

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Flowers and gifts

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New Music Mixes
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Following his success with "Tough Girls Don't Dance", Osmund James hits us with a novel of fun-filled sex and romance set against the backdrop of Jamaica's carnival.

This captivating book lays bare the morals of a class-filled Jamaican society, where to be a 'browning' is the ambition of many females and where sex and drugs are the currency of choice for a whole section of our society. Fighting the social stigma of being born in Jones Town, Jenny escapes the clutches of Harry and Don J to revel in a love of unending ecstasy, amidst a sea of 'uptown' envy, greed and religious fervor.

A cast of characters whose trails cross in a crescendo of Carnival bacchanalia.

For more information on Bangarang at Carnival by Osmund James click here.


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