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Issue #18, April 26, 2003
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  • Pieces of the Past - Recollections of World War II.
  • Youthlinkjamaica.com - Teens & Our Culture The Debate Rages.
  • Go-Local Jamaica - New Discussion Forum.
  • Celebrate Your Mother - With A Gift From Go-Jamaica
  • Jamaica-Star Chat With Deejay Assassin.
  • Go-Jamaica Client Showcase - Tigox, Poetry Online.
Pieces Of The Past - Recollections Of World War II

Pieces of the PastThis article departs from the usual "Pieces of the Past" format in that after a brief background on effects of World War II in Jamaica, it revolves around the recollections of two readers who are close friends, Lt. Col. Hurlstone St. C. Whitehorne and Archdeacon Eric Maxwell.

These two Jamaicans, like many others, wrote in to share their thoughts on the articles in this series

The recollections that follow paint an uncommon picture of war -- the Caribbean Regiment left the United States a little too late to be involved in actual fighting so these memories speak to non-combat experiences whose impact have nevertheless stayed with these two Jamaicans for over 50 years.

If you have any suggestions on topics or articles to be covered for the Pieces of the Past series please send them to editor@gleanerjm.com

Youthlinkjamaica.com - Teens & Culture

Culture defines a people. We are Jamaicans, not Americans. Therefore, we should practice a different culture from them. I agree that our motto says 'Out of many one people' and that is why, to a certain extent, some of the remnants from our African, Chinese, East Indians and even the indigenous Indian ancestors remain.

I am not saying we should remain in the past. Culture is not static, as was stated before. However, whatever changes are made must still define us as Jamaicans, not Americans. Our culture is unique… Read the article in full which was by Sharnon Williams, a Youthlink Journalism Club Member.

Go-Local Jamaica New Discussion Forum

In Focus: The New Discussion Forum! Is now up and running. It's the place where Jamaicans all over the world meet to talk about Politics, Sex, Love and Relationships and a whole host of other interesting topics.

Hot topics include Moving to Jamaica, Bisexuality and Office Romance. Log on and get involved in the debate.

Celebrate Your Mother

It's that time of year again. Mother's Day,11 May , is coming ever closer and we must now remember to celebrate our mothers or the mother figure in our life, in a very special way.

Go-Jamaica Flowers and Gifts store offers you our latest collection of interesting floral arrangement from cool pastels to radiant sunshine, expressing your love in a way only flowers can.

Deejay Assassin Transcript Online
Deejay AssassinJamaica Star Artiste of the Month Deejay Assassin visited the Go-Jamaica chat room last Monday. This young, good looking and extremely talented Deejay truly dominated the discussion that evening.

If you missed the live chat check out the transcript now resident on the Go-Jamaica chat page. You'll find it of interest.

The Jamaica Star Artiste of the month also took time out the write an interesting and thought provoking article on "Is Jamaica really Independent?"

Flowers and gifts

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New Music Mixes
Now you can listen to some of the country's most popular dancehall, calypso and reggae mixes at http://jamaicastar.com/ruggedjams/ Every week we will bring you new mixes. Enjoy the music and remember to share it with your friends.
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Go-Jamaica StoreGo-Jamaica merchandise is now online. Gifts include trendy T-shirts for men & women, hats, caps, bags and of course the delightful cuddly toy.

Power 106 FM

Talk is of course of the primary focus during the week but on the weekends you can hear some of the best Jamaican music ever made.

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TigoxTigox is probably, the first multimedia book of poetry in Jamaica.

The Tigox collection covers a wide range of topics. The poems help to put a smile on a depressed face, comfort the disheartened, or help someone to put into words what they feel, but don't know how to express.

Dawn MacGregor-Bromfield, the author of Tigox has been writing poetry since the early 1970s. She was also chosen by http://www.poetry.com as one of the best poets for the year 2001. Click here for more information on Tigox - you will also be able to listen to some of her work from the site.



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