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Issue #19, May 3, 2003
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  • Youthlinkjamaica.com - Sex Talk, Curiosity Lurks: The Young & The Sexless?
  • Go-Local Jamaica - Hanover Homecoming.
  • Mother's Day Competition - Win Brunch At Strawberry Hill
  • Celebrate Your Mother - With A Gift From Go-Jamaica, Gift Baskets, Flowers and Cakes are now available.
  • Go-Jamaica Client Showcase - A Tapestry of Jamaica - The Best Of Skywritings
Sex Talk, Curiosity Lurks: The Young & The Sexless?
The topic of sex holds centre stage in the minds of millions of teens. Most feel pressured to have sex by friends, the media and just the way their bodies feel. It can be tough to do the right thing, especially when there is a delicious air of secrecy and exploration associated with any involvement in sexual activity at that stage of their lives... Click here to read the article in full. http://www.youthlinkjamaica.com/news.html
Go-Local Jamaica - Hanover Homecoming.

The Hanover Homecoming Foundation (HHF) has launched a $75,000 essay competition for students attending all-age and high schools within the parish as part of activities aimed at building interest in the growth and development of the parish...Read about this interesting story. http://www.golocaljamaica.com/readarticle.php?ArticleID=827

Mother's Day Competition - Win Brunch At Strawberry Hill

What are you doing for Mother's Day. Why not try for brunch at Strawberry Hill. Log on to the Mother's Day competition, maybe you will win. Open to residents of Jamaica only. Competition ends May 9, 2003. http://www.golocaljamaica.com/mother.htm

Celebrate Your Mother

We said to watch this space for more exciting gifts. Go-Jamaica has lived up to its word and is now able to present you with some amazing new gift baskets and cakes for all occasions. However, the occasion at the top of our mind is Mother's Day, which is coming ever closer. Check out our online store you may find the gift for Mother this month. http://www.discoverjamaica.com/gifts/

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Go-Jamaica Store

Go-Jamaica StoreGo-Jamaica merchandise is now online. Gifts include trendy T-shirts for men & women, hats, caps, bags and of course the delightful cuddly toy. http://www.cafeshops.com/gojamaicastore

Store Profile: Take your business online with Go-Jamaica.Get your copy of A Tapestry of Jamaica - The Best Of Skywritings.

SkywritingsFirst published in 1972, SkyWritings, Air Jamaica's inflight magazine, was guided by two principles-that it would be reflective of a myriad of Jamaican experiences, and that there are many ways to tell a story. Armed with this philosophy, SkyWritings was destined to be much more than just another inflight magazine, a fact that certainly paved the way for its ability to publish the very first anthology by an inflight magazine.

Presented in 11 sections, A Tapestry of Jamaica covers music, food, places, fashion, roots, people, art, sport, history, and memories. There is an entire section devoted to the poems and prose of Miss Lou, Louise Bennett-Coverley poet, author, folklorist and national icon.

The new book is a nostalgic retreat for those who'll remember everything from the humour of the island's first Prime Minister, Sir Alexander Bustamante, and Kingston in the early seventies, to Perry Henzell's film classic The Harder They Come and grater cakes, gizzadas and coconut drops-while also exposing the intricacies of life in Jamaica to a new generation of readers.

Click here for more details.

New Music Mixes
Now you can listen to some of the country's most popular dancehall, calypso and reggae mixes at http://jamaicastar.com/ruggedjams/ Every week we will bring you new mixes. Enjoy the music and remember to share it with your friends.

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