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Issue #39, February 23, 2004
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  • Go-Local Jamaica - Are You Ready To Be A Mother?
  • Go-Shopping @ Go-Jamaica.com
  • Jamaica Star Artiste Of The Month - Buju Banton Is Free
  • Youthlinkjamaica.com -Colour - more than skin deep
  • History Under Review - Riot to Rebellion

Go-Local Jamaica.com - Good Things Happen, Marklands Miracle

When Shirley Harris saw her eight year old son, Markland Moulton crumpled in the middle of the street after being hit down by a speeding vehicle, her fervent prayer was "God just let him live." Well just over a month following the accident, God answered her prayer and much more.
From day one the doctors gave him a 50:50 chance of survival, and felt that even if he lived he would be brain damaged. Yet young Markland has defied the odds. Markland has progressed from a state of unconsciousness to consciousness, from being speechless to being able to talk and from being carried like a baby to being able to walk again. All within two months without surgery which doctors thought would be necessary. Read more here… http://www.golocaljamaica.com/readarticle.php?ArticleID=2274

Go-Shopping @ Go-Jamaica.com

Go-Jamaica can help you find the perfect gift for every occasion. A gift for a friend overseas? A loved one at home? No matter the reason Go-Jamaica can assist you in its dynamic mall with over 25 clients. If you are finding it hard to decide what you would like to send to friends and family browse our stores online for inspiration. Click here to start shopping now. http://discoverjamaica.com/shop/

Jamaica Star Artiste Of The Month - Buju Banton Is Free

FOR BUJU BANTON to constantly keep his inspiration going, he has to have a clear conscience. This week, he explains how important it is for him to always have a free state of mind.
"I can't walk around with hate. I can't walk around with malice. If I can't see you to get it off then I am distraught. I let you know that I am disgruntled and then that's it, because my role is making music and you can't make music with a puffed up heart. If you want to make real music from your soul it's gotta be light as a feather."
Read more and join in the online discussion here… http://jamaicastar.com/thestar/20040218/ent/ent2.html

Youthlinkjamaica.com Colour - more than skin deep

Anyting Black nuh good','Black picky picky head pickney' 'Black is beauty Red a corruption". These are insults that are hurled across a primary schoolyard where from an early age a child's socialisation begins to be colour specific. Educator Carol Narcisse, says there are many messages in our society that denigrate being blackhttp://www.youthlinkjamaica.com/news.html

History Under Review- Riot To Rebellion

Rebellion to Riot: The Jamaican Church in Nation Building by Devon Dick, examines the leading role played by the church since 1865 in creating the new Jamaica through evangelism, education, political activism and economic empowerment.

The book also touches on issues such as the rampant violence and immorality faced by today's society and outlines the church's drive to bring about justice, peace and values throughout the island.
This book reflects the evolution of the nation and the Jamaican Church and is a good source of reference with its numerous tables and appendices. The aim is that the book will form a basis for debate on how the nation can move forward in the 21st century with the help of the church. To read more and to order a copy of the book click here… http://go-jamaica.com/biz/devondick/


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March 4, 2004 6:00 pm EST
Mark Dawes

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Do things the Go-Jamaica Way

Programme Name: Nationwide

Programme Time: 5:00pm - 8:00pm.
Programme Hosts:
Cliff Hughes, Carol Narcisse, Carol Vassall

Nationwide is a current affairs magazine programme broadcast on Mondays to Fridays from 5:00pm - 8:00pm.

The programme seeks to be on the cutting edge of news reporting backed by in-depth comment and incisive analysis. Its guiding creed is embodied in the words, 'go where the truth leads'.

Nationwide's flagship features are its major newscasts at 5 pm and 6 pm, Cover Story, The Nation's Business and Public Opinion. These constitute a solid mix of hard news, current affairs and sports, and lifestyle issues.

In the four years since its birth, Nationwide has carved out a reputation for breaking major stories, fearless news analysis and commentary, penetrative interviews and up-to-the-minute coverage of news events.

It is also now viewed as required listening for policy makers, the thinking Jamaican who has an interest in public affairs and leaders of the socio-economic and cultural spheres of national life.


Do things the Go Jamaica Way
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Now you can listen to some of the country's most popular dancehall, calypso and reggae mixes at http://jamaicastar.com/ruggedjams/ Every week we will bring you new mixes. Enjoy the music and remember to share it with your friends.

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