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Issue #73, February , 2006
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This week we are featuring:

  •  DaFlex.net: – Mr. Peppa Poised For Stardom
  •  Jamaica-Star.com: J ust So Unnuh Know By Sirr - New Feature.
  •  Go-LocalJamaica.com: I've Been Thinking – New Feature.
  •  Pieces of the Past: Roads & Resistance – The Toll Gate Riots of 1859 - New Series
  •  Go-Shopping – Gifts For Valentines At Go-Jamaica.com
  •  Jamaica Gleaner: - Archives Online
  •  The Gleaner Online Your Online Solution: Featured client: Paradise Real Estate.
    Featured Travel Sponsor: FDR Resorts.

DaFlex.net: Mr. Peppa Poised For Stardom

His name is Mr. Peppa and he's the talk of the town among young and old alike. The teenagers love him, especially the young ladies, not just because he's cute and sexy, but also because he's got some tough lyrics. When asked how they would describe him, "Him hard, him tuff!" was the resonating response from the young men, as they bounced to the lyrics and beat of his latest tunes.

With Peppa's newest recording, 'Talk', now getting heavy rotation on air, in the dancehalls and the video creating havoc on all the music video channels, the talented 25-year-old star is heading places…and fast. He's got … Check out this revealing interview with Mr. Peppa at http://www.golocaljamaica.com/entertainment/artisiteprofiles/mrpeppa.html

Jamaica-Star.com: Just So Unnuh Know By Sirr NEW SERIES

Some people ah send mi messages bout mi not fair and which artiste should be on the top 10. MI NUH OWE UNNUH NUTT'N. Ah fi mi top 10 selections and if yuh nuh like it, go create yuh own. 'Dread' (someone who made a comment in the message section to the left) mek a statement and mi wah tell him seh, people nuh haffi a get bun fi lick out pon Black-er. An people please, dont send the same comment three, four times, the first one was tagged just fix unnuh pop dung computer or get rid of the bootleg broadband or dial up.

Find out more about what the readers are discussing on the Star Top 10 site which has audio clips. Go take a look and make up your mind with Sirr is bias or not… http://www.jamaica-star.com/top40/

Go-LocalJamaica.com: I've Been Thinking!

Check out this new amazing feature which prefixes everything I've Been Thinking! Read the experiences and thoughts of our Go-Local community and see what action our expert Fleur dis Lis suggests. Check out this the latest contribution – I've been thinking – Women will believe anything

Seeing is believing right? You would think (with one great exception 'Christ rising from the dead)! Then why is it that so many women, despite everything they know, everything they're taught, everything they've SEEN, still allow (their) men to tell them anything, AND believe it?

Story: Wife comes home and sees her husband in bed with another woman. Wife gasps, "Gasp!" Calls him all sorts of names and tries to beat up the girl (THAT I'll never understand). He protects the girl he's having Whoopee! With, and wifey runs away to her best friend to bawl. By the time she gets back home, he's all lovey-dovey. Note - not apologetic or even sorry. His thing is that she, his wife, misunderstood and she neva see dat.  They weren't in bed - they were making the bed. He wasn't on top of her, purposely - he tripped and fell on her. Their clothes just came apart - can she fix his pants zip and sew back two buttons on his shirt. He could neva do dat an' him love her so much. How could she even think it? "Gasp!"  

For the full story click here: http://www.golocaljamaica.com/readarticle.php?ArticleID=6703

Pieces of the Past: Roads & Resistance – The Toll Gate Riots of 1859

Dr. Rebecca Tortello is back with a new series of Pieces of the Past. This month she is featuring the Toll Gate Riots.

JAMAICA'S FIRST toll roads did not arrive with Highway 2000. They appeared over a century and half earlier, around 1838. The history of tolls themselves stretches back much further, all the way to Greek mythology, where Charon the ferryman, charged a toll to carry the dead across the river Acheron. In their writing , Greek scholars Aristotle and Pliny referred to the use of tolls in Asia and Arabia. According to the Arthasastra, a Sanskirt political treatise , tolls were also said to existed…

As you already know this series is a must read just click here for the rest of this historical piece http://www.jamaica-gleaner.com/pages/history/

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Jamaica Gleaner: Archives Online
This month the Gleaner Company Ltd placed its vast newspaper archives dating back to 1834 on the World Wide Web.

By simply logging on to Gleaner.newspaperarchive.com, a visitor to the site will be able to enter a search term and within seconds, receive a listing of Gleaner publications over 171 years.

If a person registers, for a fee, the actual printed page will be displayed and made available for download, printing or email. The rates for the service are US$7.95 per day, US$29.95 per quarter and US$49.95 per year.

Remember this website is your gateway to searching and reading antique newspapers online.

The Gleaner Online Your Online Solution: This week we are featuring Paradise Real Estate.

Paradise Real Estate Brokers has, over the past fifteen (15) years, provided top quality Real Estate service to many persons in Jamaica and overseas. We are committed to satisfying our clients needs, which means, if necessary, sourcing the best and most affordable property.

To date, we have satisfied thousands of clients; so if you or anyone you know needs to invest in real estate, please refer them to us.

For more information about Paradise Real Estate click here: www.negrilestate.com .


Flowers and gifts

New Music Mixes

Now you can listen to some of the country's most popular dancehall, calypso and reggae mixes at http://www.jamaicastar.com/ruggedjams/ Every week we will bring you new mixes. Enjoy the music and remember to share it with your friends.

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Programme Hosts: Charles Hyatt

Programme Name: It's Charlie's time

Programme Host:
Charles Hyatt

Programme Time: Sunday 8:30 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.

Programme Profile: After a hectic work-week… after an action-packed weekend… 'It's Charlie's Time'! For over 10 years, outstanding actor, theatrical director, emcee, comedian and broadcaster, Charles Hyatt has been bringing soothing, melodious, mature entertainment to radio listeners and now he's on Power 106FM. Charlie gives listeners a conservatory of comforting, wholesome entertainment.

About the Host: Charles Hyatt is most well known in Jamaica as a theatrical actor/comedian; however, he does have many other talents. Charlie has featured in the films 'A High Wind in Jamaica', 'Love Thy Neighbour' and 'Cool Runnings'. He was the original Early Morning Man when the Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation first went on air.

Telephone nos: In Jamaica, 968-4901- 3, 1-888-991-4072
Intnl Toll-free line courtesy of People's Telecom Ja Ltd: 1-866-LINK-106 (1-866-5465-106)

To tune in to great internet radio and for more information visit http://www.go-jamaica.com/power.

Client Showcase – Featured Clients

FDR is a small, intimate resort. Children enjoy a sense of independence here even though they are never far from the attentive companionship of their Vacation Nanny, a fun-loving Coordinator or relaxed parental observation.

Here's what's included:

  • Accommodation
  • Vacation Nanny assigned to each family on arrival
  • · Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner daily at any of the dining facilities or restaurants, special Kidz Buffet
  • All beer, premium brand bar drinks, sodas etc. at the Main Bar Piano Lounge.
  • Wine with lunch & dinner
  • Use of all land & water sports equipment & facilities. Water sports include: Sailing, Snorkeling, Scuba-diving <http://www.geocities.com/divejamaica/index.htm>, Windsurfing, Kayaking & Glass Bottom Boat trips - all with instructions
  • Tennis for day or night play
  • Gym/Fitness center
  • Sports instructions
  • Bicycle riding
  • Jacuzzi
  • Supervised Kids' Mini Club with games, contests, arts and crafts, excursions and more
  • Teens' Games Room with Nintendo Gamecube and Microsoft X-Box
  • Supervised Kids Activity Room with video and board games, Super Nintendo 64 and a Toddlers' Playroom with a ball pit, riding toys, building blocks and more
  • Family Fun Day Picnics
  • Live entertainment nightly with karaoke, native floor shows, dancing and live band
  • Unlimited use of recreational facilities
  • Planned & supervised adult, teen & children's activities all the time!
  • Afternoon and night beach games for kids
  • Gifts of Rum, Coffee and a T-shirt
  • Shopping tour to Ocho Rios
  • All hotel taxes
  • Free ground transfer to and from airport

For more information click here http://www.fdrholidays.com/fdr/index.php

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