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Issue #75, July 24, 2006
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In this issue:
  •  Pieces of the Past - The Road to Freedom
  •  Daflex.net Endorsed Event - : Appleton Treasure Island
  •  Featured Client : Olde Jamaica Tours
  •  Go-localjamaica Give-away
  •  Jamaica Gleaner Business Directory - Find and get Found

Pieces of the Past: The Road to Freedom

"Freedom can be said to have arrived in two stages; the first being the early morning of Friday, August 1, 1834. On that day many slaves were said to have walked up hills and climbed trees so as to clearly witness the literal dawning of their freedom. Around the island thousands attended 'Divine Services' to give thanks and praise. August 1, 1834"

For more on this interesting period of our Jamaican history, that we now celebrate each August 1, see http://www.jamaica-gleaner.com/pages/history/story006.html.

Daflex.net Endorsed Event :: Appleton Treasure Island

Appleton Treasure Island is here again. There will be 11 parties in 4 days starting on August 4 and ending on August 7, 2006.

For more information on the parties and where to get tickets visit http://daflex.net. All the information you need is there. After the parties look out for the picture galleries.

Featured Client: Olde Jamaica Tours

Olde Jamaica Tours is offering specially-designed tour packages of historical sites in Jamaica, specializing in historical churches and places of worship.

The history and culture of Jamaica is linked to the rich history and culture of our churches and other places of worship. The origin of several church buildings can be traced back to the 17th century, and their histories contain a wealth of information about the history of Jamaica, especially its architecture and society. For more visit http://www.oldejamaicatours.com/

Jamaica Gleaner Business Directory : Get Listed and Get Found

The Online Jamaica Gleaner Business Directory serves as an easy guide to business in Jamaica. We currently have hundreds of listings and your listing will increase the range of services listed.

The directory is used daily by Jamaicans both overseas and locally searching for different services and products. With more and more persons turning to the Internet for information, it is important that a listing not only shows your telephone numbers, e-mail address and web site address, but it must also tell visitors a little bit more about you.

Contact our sales representatives at 932-6073, 932-6270 or 932 6137 and get listed and found today. http://www.go-jamaica.com/business/

Go-local Jamaica Giveaway
Play any one of our two(2) online games and win prizes from Go-Local Jamaica.com

Tell us the meaning of the jamaican proverb and you could win free movie tickets courtesy of Palace Amusement.

You can also be the winner of one of our great prizes if you can identify a photo in our photo competition.




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