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Issue #110, November 20, 2007
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In this issue:
  • Hospitality Jamaica : Misty Morning at Chukka Caribbean's Montpelier
  • Week on th Web : Websites to save you time, money
  • Business Directory: Get Listed
  • Gleaner Career Section : Job Smart
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Hospitality Jamaica: Misty Morning at Chukka Caribbean's Montpelier

Religiously every morning at 6:15, circles of mist beckon, while repeating the unspoken words, "Good morning, welcome to hazy Mt. Carey in St. James".

After Mt. Carey's greeting, the next area that invites you is the historically flourishing Montpelier Estate.

By the time you get to Montpelier, the mist thickens, the sky whitens and the scenery is accentuated with thousands of acres of orange groves lining the roadside, a derelict train station, rusty train lines, small cook shops, country homes and coconut trees....

You can read about this currently on http://hospitalityjamaica.com

Websites to save you time, money

This week Gladstone writes about three Jamaican websites that can save you time and money.

Read the article in full at http://www.jamaica-gleaner.com/gleaner/20071118/business/business5.html

Business Directory: Get Listed

The Online Jamaica Gleaner Business Directory serves as an easy guide to business in Jamaica. We currently have hundreds of listings and yours will increase the range of services listed.

The directory is used daily by Jamaicans, both overseas and locally, searching for different services and products. With more and more persons turning to the Internet for information, it is important that a listing not only shows your telephone numbers, e-mail address and web site address, but it should also tell visitors a little bit more about you.

This is what makes the Jamaica Gleaner Business Directory better than other directories. Along with the basic listing, you get a complete "about us" section to talk about your products, services, and locations. You can even include your company logo to ensure that your company's image is enhanced and brand is re-enforced.

Get listed today. http://www.go-jamaica.com/business/getlisted.php

Gleaner Career Section : Job Smart

Gleaner JobsmartIf you are looking for a job, career information and tips, you can find it all at the Gleaner's JobSmart.

See all the jobs listed as available at the University of the West Indies by visiting http://www.go-jamaica.com/jobsmart/orglistings.php?id=24

Latest Jobs listed this week:There are over 100 listings for Job Vacancies in Jamaica and the Caribbean, so visit http://go-jamaica.com/jobsmart/ now.



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