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Issue #136, August 11, 2009
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  • Up close and personal with ‘Ms Kitty’

  • ATI, Dream Weekend

  • Entertainment

  • The Voice UK online

  • Trivia Time Did You Know…?
Up close and personal with ‘Ms Kitty’

Go-Jamaica ServicesShe is fun, fashionable, fluffy and fabulous. This diva reigns on both the big screen as well as on the airwaves.

Check out the “Fluffy Diva”, as we will be giving you a chance to get up close and personal with The Star of the Month.

Ms Kitty is known for her bubbly personality on both the big screen as well as the airwaves.

She is young, talented, ambitious and destined for success. She is the “Fluffy Diva” – Ms. Kitty!!

Star GalleryA stunning MC and media personality, no one can deny her obvious charisma and charm. Her talents obviously have not gone unnoticed.

Today, she is known as the CEO of her very own prime time radio talk show – ‘The Entertainment Office.’

Log on to www.jamaica.star.com to see the “Fluffy Diva” and get a chance to get up close and personal with the Star of the Month.


ATI, Dream Weekend

Star GalleryCome and live the Dream! It’s here again, ATI, Dream Weekend that kicked off August 5-9, atNegril’s seven-mile beach strip.

Party goers got the chance to immerse in unbridled fun and adventure for four days.

There will be a cache of famous faces, vigorous raving and super –ultra MEGA all inclusive food and drink.

Log on to www.jamaica.star.com and see what’s happened there.


Go-Jamaica EventsDo you want to know the latest happenings, videos, photos and parties? Find the event of your choice at www.go-jamaica.com/entertainment

Worry no more, just log on www.go-jamaica.com/entertainer where you will find a listing of all the happenings from parties, theatre, poetry and more.


Also if you have an event, log on to www.go-jamaica.com/entertainer and submit it for addition to the listing.

The Voice UK online

Go-Jamaica Events

Are you interesting in knowing what’s happening in other parts of the world?

Well, no need to be looking all around, just check out the Voice online to see the latest news, entertainment, sports, etc. Visit http://voice-online.co.uk.

Transform your passion into profit

His birth mother gave him up for adoption. He was rejected for being a boy by his originally agreed adopted parents. He dropped out of college, started a company called Apple, in his garage. He was fired nine years later from the very company he founded.


Trivia Time Did You Know…?

Paul BogleGeorge William Gordon

Did you know that the Morant Bay Rebellion took place in October 1865, and was led by two of Jamaica’s national heroes George William Gordon and Paul Bogle.


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