Miss Riley’s Haulage Contractors Ltd

Age: 24
Height: 5’9”

Vital Statistics: 38-27-40
Occupation: Student/Model

Favorite Color:Purple

Favorite Food:Italian

Favorite Sport:Basketball

Favorite Singer:Jill Scott

Favorite Actor:Will Smith

Favorite Film:The Note Book

Hobbies:Creating make-up tutorials, Reading, Writing for my blog, Going to the gym

Motivation for entering Miss Universe Jamaica 2017? : I am the quintessential “Jamerican” I was born and raised in America but my heart and soul has always been in Jamaica. I want to represent the Jamaican culture that taught me the importance of manners and respect, the foods that are a unique representation of our mixed population, the many proverbs that I learned over the years, and the deep meanings behind them. I want to represent ALL of Jamaica! And this includes the millions of Jamaicans that reside elsewhere. Jamaica’s motto “out of many one people” has been with me every step of the way, when I have to explain my last name to foreigners they immediately get a lesson on Jamaican history including the Chinese and Indian indentured workers. I grew up listening to the musical legends of Jamaica and vowed to not only memorize these tracks but to ensure my future children will too! My dream of being Miss Universe Jamaica is fuelled by my burning desire to represent Jamaica on an international platform, which is synonymous to what I have done my entire life. The beauty of Jamaica and Jamaicans lie in our diversity, pride and confidence. As Miss Universe Jamaica I would exemplify those core values and ensure that the rest of the world would get a taste of that as well.

What is your most unusual experience?: It was my 21st birthday and my Mom treated my girlfriends and I to a weekend stay on Miami Beach. Upon arrival to the hotel I was so excited to celebrate that I parked my car in the front of the hotel with all intention to have it valeted. However, I COMPLETELY FORGOT TO GIVE THE VALLET MY CAR KEYS.

Two days later, when I was checking out of the suite I asked the front desk if they could bring my car up for me. The lady had no recollection of a vehicle in her possession, and to make matters worse I searched my bag to find my car keys. I was so puzzled as to what was happening until she blurted out nonchalantly “you probably got towed.” My heart sank, and the blood in my veins ran cold. I had successfully gotten my car towed for two days in one of the most expensive areas of Miami, Florida on my birthday. Not only was I embarrassed, but I dreaded calling my mother who gave me a good piece of patois! I learned that day to have fun, but execute what you need to first!

Describe your proudest/happiest moment: The completion of my Bachelor of Science Degree from Florida State University, Florida.

I decided to attend Florida State University, however, that meant I needed to relocate from Miami, Florida to Tallahassee, Florida (roughly 500 miles away). Once I moved into the school I realized that the city was completely different: there were hills, the winters were freezing, there wasn’t any Jamaican food in the area and I had no family or friends to turn to! To make matters worse, I had to walk or take the bus to school for four years, because we couldn’t afford a car.

My college experience took me out of my comfort zone and taught me how to navigate in the world on my own. I learned how to trust my instincts, make friends from different walks of life, and I was inspired by everyone’s story and hardship. I learned the importance of attendance, and punctuality. I learned that dressing up for school every day, not only made me feel great but do great… (And on test days I dressed up even more!) I learned how to multitask and seek help when I became overwhelmed. I became humbled in college, where in high school I was “best dressed” with great hair, and on a basketball team… At Florida State University I was one of 42,000!

The four years of hard work boiled down to December 11, 2015, my graduation day, where I proved to myself that “if I want good….my nose had to run!!” I was surrounded with family and friends who have always been the foundation of who I am. I had made everyone proud, and was ready to bring back all that I had experienced back home with me.

To create a clothing company which flatters the many shapes and sizes of women which also incorporates my Afrocentric, urban, and vintage style into my brand. My clothing company would need to be affordable, accessible and amazing!