Miss O.R.S Olive Oil

Age: 23
Height: 57

Vital Statistics: 32-26-38
Occupation: Chemist

Favorite Color:Magenta

Favorite Food:Barbecued Baby Back Ribs

Favorite Sport:Tennis

Favorite Singers:John Legend

Favorite Actor:Denzel Washington

Favorite Film:Shawshank Redemption

Hobbies:Watching Movies, Dancing & Reading

Motivation for entering Miss Universe Jamaica 2017? : I have only heard good experiences from entering the Miss Universe Jamaica Pageant, and the possibility of being granted the opportunity to function as a voice for Jamaica and Jamaican women through the eyes of knowledge, health and beauty is motivation itself.

What is your most unusual experience?: Im not sure what that would be.

Describe your proudest/happiest moment: My proudest moment thus far, would have to be graduating University with an upper second class honours. It represented my ability to achieve anything I set my mind to, despite time limits or varying circumstances. It showed me that once I did my best, I would always reap great returns and be as good as or even better than my biggest competitors.

My lifes ambition would have to be doing my best at everything I do, grasping as many opportunities that come my way. Success comes in many forms and I am willing to explore what the world has to offer in every aspect, for every experience is a success in and of itself.