Miss Afrostar Traders Ltd

Age: 23
Height: 5í6Ē

Vital Statistics: 33-25.5-36.5
Occupation: Real Estate Salesman and Entrepreneur/ Designer (at Aquamarine Swimwear)

Favorite Color:Pink & Aqua

Favorite Food:Fruit Smoothie

Favorite Sport:Swimming

Favorite Singer:Beyonce

Favorite Actor:Tyler Perry

Favorite Film:Dear John

Hobbies:Reading success stories, listening to music, dancing, teaching myself something new by watching Youtube, makeup artistry.

What are your five-year goals? : Within the next five years I will grow as an entrepreneur. My business will have increased sales and an increased online presence and I will start distributing internationally on a large scale. Also, within five years I would have already embarked on my journey of travelling the world starting with the Spanish Caribbean (because I speak a little Spanish and Iím obsessed with Latin culture). By this time I would have already sold at least half dozen properties as a Real Estate Salesman.

Motivation for entering Miss Universe Jamaica 2017? : This is the perfect platform to become the philanthropist Iíve always wanted to be, to find my purpose, help others who canít help themselves, use my influence to raise awareness about issues in Jamaica and inspire benevolence in others. This pageant can only make me a more rounded, intelligent and articulate individual who will be a more refined and poised version of myself. I have nothing to lose and everything to gain by entering this pageant.

What is your most unusual experience?: When I was 13 years old my dad was shot multiple times in a robbery. It was the worst news of my life because I did not understand why anyone would want to hurt my dad who is the kindest, gentlest, most selfless and sweetest person I know. The next couple of weeks following the shooting my dad was in the hospital and my mom was there by his side throughout the entire time so I was home with no parents around while he recovered from surgeries. During this time I had to study for end of term exams while suffering from Post-Traumatic stress disorder and worrying about my dad. It was quite an unusual and traumatizing ordeal. Good thing is while my dad came out of his first surgery I held his hand while he was sedated under anaesthesia and promised him I would place 1st in my class for the exams to make him happy. Fortunately, I was able to fulfil my promise.

Describe your proudest/happiest moment: I have many proud moments, I canít pin point a single one. Whenever I make my parents happy and proud, then Iím happy and proud. Earning 7 distinctions in CSEC, making UWIís Deanís List, earning scholarships based on academic performance and graduating university with an honours degree and starting a business in University have made my parents proud.

To keep growing as an entrepreneur / designer. I currently own and operate a small swimwear business where social media is my primary marketing tool. I aspire to start producing enough swimwear and beachwear to open a store, distribute to hotel gift shops all over the Caribbean and distribute internationally so as to aid in Jamaicaís national development by generating foreign exchange.

To become a successful Real Estate Mogul. Iíve already taken the first step to this dream by becoming a Real Estate Salesman to learn and grow within the industry. My dream is to won my 1st commercial or residential complex by the age of 40.

To become a news presenter. This is where my degree in Communication comes in handy

To travel the world

To become a philanthropist and inspire philanthropy in others.