Miss Aristolashes Beverly Hills

Age: 27
Height: 5’8’

Vital Statistics: 33-25-35
Occupation: Student & Certified Professional Makeup Artist

Favorite Color:Yellow

Favorite Food:Pizza

Favorite Sport:Badminton

Favorite Singer:Beyonce

Favorite Actor:Will Smith

Favorite Film:Becoming Jane

Hobbies:Singing, Salsa Dancing, Makeup Application, Sewing, Origami & Decorating

What are your five-year goals? : To have invested in property towards the expansion of my makeup brand and from there save towards the building of the Social and Educational Movement Centre.

Motivation for entering Miss Universe Jamaica 2017? : Years of encouragement from Family and friends.

What is your most unusual experience?: Spending the night in the Emergency Room getting splinters tweezed out of my butt cheeks as a result of sitting on a fishing boat at night.

Describe your proudest/happiest moment: My proudest moments occurred while my family was fostering a young infant during the summer; I spent our summer days teaching her how to climb stairs, walk, speak and interact with others. As a result, she immediately got adopted on her return to the children’s home.

To own and direct a private social educational & movement institution for children with special needs.