Miss Amiri Beauty & Brows

Age: 24
Height: 58 1/2

Vital Statistics: 32-25-35
Occupation: Public Relations Agent

Favorite Colors:Black & Gold

Favorite Food:Curried Chicken with rice or boiled food

Favorite Sports:Netball

Favorite Singers:Alicia Keys

Favorite Actors:Brad Pitt

Favorite Film:Mr & Mrs Smith

Hobbies:: Singing & Fishing

What are your five-year goals? : To own and operate my own business, provide employment and to contribute significantly to the Free Hill Health Centre

Motivation for entering Miss Universe Jamaica 2017? : My platform and the many opportunities a pageant affords. In addition this pageant will assist me in showcasing not just my outer beauty but also my inner beauty

What is your most unusual experience?: None Describe your proudest/happiest moment: When I was name the 2nd Runner-up in the recently concluded Miss Universe Jamaica North East Pageant

To be a successful entrepreneur which would enable me to provide employment for citizens in and around my community