Miss Eye Boutique

Age: 25
Height: 510

Vital Statistics: 33-26-38
Occupation: Front Desk Agent

Favorite Color:Pink

Favorite Food:Curried Goat, Ox-Tail, Friend Chicken with Rice & Peas and Potato Salad

Favorite Sport:Track & Field

Favorite Singer:None

Favorite Actor:Johnny Depp

Favorite Film:The Harder They Come

Hobbies:Road Trips, River tubing, Zip lining, Binge watching (various series/T.V. shows), listening to music and Reading

I entered this pageant for two main reasons: 1. To fulfil my teenage fantasy of becoming Miss Universe Jamaica and representing my island home on the international stage. 2. To use my platform to raise awareness about the importance of protecting and caring for children within our communities especially with the recent increase of violence against children

What is your most unusual experience?: Developing an allergy to milk and dairy which lasted for about two weeks. During those days every time I tasted cheese or drank milk I would break out in hives and start itching

Describe your proudest/happiest moment: Being crowned Miss Universe Jamaica North West 2017 is one of my happiest moments to date. It was an achievement, not only for myself but by extension my entire family, community and my friends who were all inspired to dream big and work to make it a reality.

To own and operate a world class boutique hotel which practices good social corporate responsibility. I also want to be a successful family woman who motivates and inspires people to dream big and achieve those dreams.