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Shields completes testimony at Boulevard murder trial

Barbara Gayle, Justice Coordinator

Former Deputy Commissioner of Police Mark Shields today completed his testimony at the Boulevard murder trial.

He denied a suggestion under cross-examination that he pursued the case against the three accused policemen because he wanted to leave the police force on high note.

Shields was testifying at the trial of Assistant Superintendent of Police Victor Barrett, Corporal Louie Lynch and Constable Paul Edwards who are charged with the 2004 murders of two men who were abducted from a plaza.

The Crown is alleging that 20-year-old Kemar Walters and 44-year-old Oliver Duncan were taken away from a plaza on Washington Boulevard, St Andrew on December 23, 2004.

It is being alleged that Lynch and Edwards were present when the men were taken away.

Barrett is accused of covering up the incident when the matter was reported to him.

Defence lawyer Churchill Neita, who is representing Barrett, suggested to Shields today that he had told Barrett that if he resigned he would not charge him but Shields denied the suggestion.

Neita also suggested to Shields that in the Kraal case involving retired Senior Superintendent of Police Reneto Adams and other policemen he had given a sergeant of police a telephone and asked him to call Adams.

Shields admitted that the conversation was recorded and he had told the sergeant that he would listen to the conversation.

It was also suggested to Shields that in the Kraal case he had told a policeman to talk to Adams to get an admission that would be used in the case.

Shields was questioned as to whether he had told an Inspector of Police to speak to Barrett so he could get a statement from him.

But Shields said he could not remember.

The trial continues on Monday before Justice Horace Marsh and the 12-member jury.