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Elector files bankruptcy notice against Shahine Robinson

Elector Manley Bowen has served a bankruptcy notice on Parliamentarian Shahine Robinson, giving her seven days to pay the $15.3 million, which was assessed against her in relation to the election petition he had brought.

In the notice, Bowen said if Robinson fails to comply within the specified time she has committed an act of bankruptcy.

The notice further states that as a consequence, Bowen may file bankruptcy proceedings against Robinson.

If the Court declares her bankrupt, she would no longer be able to sit in Parliament.

Bowen had filed an election petition against Robinson challenging her eligibility to sit in the House of Representatives on the grounds of her American citizenship.

She was subsequently ousted as MP for North East St. Ann by the court in 2010, after she admitted that she was a United States citizen.

The court then ruled that legal and indemnity costs should be paid.

Robinson was later ordered to pay $15.3 million.

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