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Prison officials confirm ward's suicide attempt

The islandís prison officials have admitted that a female ward of the State who is being housed at the Fort Augusta prison in St Catherine attempted to kill herself in the past week.

Prison boss Lieutenant Colonel Sean Prendergast, who was responding to claims by the teenagerís mother that she was on a suicide watch after several attempts to kill herself, said the 14-year-old was cutting herself.

Just over two weeks ago, three wards of the State who were being housed at the Horizon Adult Remand Centre, in St Andrew, overdosed on antidepressants as they attempted to end their lives.

They have been since relocated to the University Hospital of the West Indies under the care of psychiatrist Dr Wendel Abel.

Six weeks ago, 16-year-old ward of the State, Vanessa Wint reportedly used a bed sheet to hang herself at the same prison.

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