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Delano Seiveright removed as aide to Opposition Leader

Former Generation 2000 president Delano Seiveright, has been removed as an aide to the Opposition Leader, Andrew Holness.

Yesterday evening, Holness confirmed the personnel change disclosing Marlon Morgan would now take over the functions which were carried out by Seiveright.

Former national security minister Dwight Nelson will now carry out the information function which was carried out by Arthur Williams.

It is not clear why the changes were made.

But Holness insisted it was a simple rotation as there are others in the party who are in need of the exposure and income.

"It's not a big deal," Seiveright said this morning.

"I am still an advisor to the Leader and very active politically. In any event, we all agreed to rotate posts as other young persons in the JLP need exposure, income and opportunities to build themselves... Beyond that I am a new father and have been juggling private sector work which has taken up a lot more of my time."

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