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New law coming to tackle lottery scam

The Government has started to take steps to enact specific legislation to deal with the lottery scam and other forms of advance fee fraud.

The National Security Minister, Peter Bunting has signalled to Parliament that he will be introducing the Law Reform Fraudulent Transactions Special Provisions Act 2013.

The law could see the prosecution of persons with paraphernalia linked to the lottery scam such as lead lists containing thousands of names, addresses and other personal contact information.

It’s believed that scammers have fleeced billions of dollars from victims mainly in the United States, with the authorities in some states expressing serious concerns about the phenomenon.

Last week, Bunting and Justice Minister, Mark Golding held talks with US officals in Washington regarding the scam.

Golding says the inter-American dialogue forum organisers have committed to lobbying the US authorities to help the Jamaican Government combat the problem.


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