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Legal council again rules to disbar former deputy commissioner

Former deputy police commissioner, Owen Clunie, has again been barred from practising as a lawyer in Jamaica.

The General Legal Council (GLC) informed of its decision in a notice in yesterday’s edition of The Sunday Gleaner.

This is the second time that the council has taken a decision to strike Clunie from the list of attorneys entitled to practise in the country.

It had banned Clunie in 2013 over allegations he failed to pay over $600,000 that he had received from a client to deposit on a property.

A disciplinary committee of the GLC found that the money was not paid to the vendor's lawyer and as a result, the purchaser sold the property to someone else.

Clunie appealed the 2013 ruling.

The Court of Appeal quashed the decision to disbar him and ordered that the legal council hear submissions in mitigation and determine the appropriate sanctions.

In its decision published in the newspaper yesterday, the council said it followed the ruling of the court and arrived at its decision to again disbar Clunie.

The council says the retired cop cannot practise as a lawyer in Jamaica and he cannot be employed in that capacity by any member of the public.

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