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LOCAL FORECAST Thursday, February 15, 2018

There is a High Pressure Ridge across Jamaica. Additionally, there is a Low-Level Jet across the central Caribbean. The High Pressure Ridge is expected to continue dominating weather across the island for the next few days. Additionally, the presence of the Low Level Jet across the central Caribbean will continue to produce windy conditions mainly across northern coastal areas.

This morning, expect partly cloudy skies with isolated showers across sections of northern and eastern parishes, while mainly sunny elsewhere. This afternoon, expect isolated showers across sections of central and southwestern parishes. Elsewhere; partly cloudy and windy. Tonight, expect mainly fair.

Minimum temperature expected for Kingston tonight is 31 degrees Celsius. Minimum temperature expected for Montego Bay tonight is 30 degrees Celsius.

3-DAY FORECAST (starting tomorrow) :

Friday: Partly cloudy morning across northern parishes. Isolated afternoon showers sections of central and western parishes.
Saturday: Mainly sunny morning. Isolated afternoon showers mainly across western parishes. Windy along coastal areas.
Sunday.. Widely scattered afternoon showers across central and western parishes.

Other Current Regional Weather Features:
None at this time.