REDACTED 2 - IC Petrojam Investigation - Recruitment and Parties October 18, 2019 final

Page 201 of 486 Petrojam Limited Integrity Commission October 2019 bands of positions as well as to fill any gaps created internally. In December we got approval internally now. So we have the full org. structure approved by Ministry of Finance. In December we got approval by the General Manager or HR Manager, then HR Manager/General Manager, agreed to go out with the advertisement for the Process Engineer. So we advertised for Process Engineer in December. In January I got his resume in a shortlist of Process Engineers. So in January we would have interviewed him for Process Engineer position, which was my first interaction. CHAIRMAN: When you said "we would have interviewed him" could you indicate - it would have been a panel? A: It would have been a panel, and the panel comprised of myself, Jodi Graham, who was the Engineering Design Lead, Adrian Brown, who was the construction lead, the senior supervisor of Process Engineering within Petrojam was a part of the panel. CHAIRMAN: Oh, within Petrojam now? A: That was a part of the panel, an HR [Officer] was also a part of the panel. I had two different HR officers based on the numbers of interviews and availability. I think that was it. Yeah, five (5) of us.