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Latest News(Gleaner/Power106):

Listen to Live Jamaican Radio FM

Recorded Clips

Independent Talk - Newsmaker Segment.

"Jamaicans, Experts at growing Weed" Dr. K'adawame K'nife, Lecturer, Department of Management Studies, University of West Indies, Mona and Co-host Jamaica Diaspora Live Online.
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Contact Information (Power 106 FM)

Queries, programme information and advertising on Power 106 FM.

Telephone: (876) 968-4880-3
Talk Show Lines:(876) 922-4112-5,922-4117
Fax: (876) 922-7610
Address: 7 North Street, Kingston CSO, Jamaica W.I.

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Telephone: (876) 932 6281

We try our best to answer your calls but if you fail to get a human voice please leave a short message and we will respond to the problem as soon as possible.

Note to Webmasters

Please do not link directly to the audio feed. Please link to the Power 106 Page. Remember we depend on advertising to support the cost of streaming.

Listen to Power 106 FM

Power 106 FM from Jamaica

Power 106 FM


All times EST.

About Power 106 FM

Power 106FM went on air in December 1992 initially pursuing an all-talk format then later shifting to a hybrid talk and music format, hence the popular slogan - 'Come for the talk, stay for the music'.

Since 2001 the decision was taken to pursue an all talk format with the acquisition of the programmes such as 'Perkins On Line' and others joining its morning show 'Independent Talk'. The station later went on to add 'Dear Pastor', 'An Ounce of Prevention' .

Power 106FM plans to be Jamaica's first 24/7 all-talk radio station. With listeners to talk shows now at 70.2% of total radio listenership, research indicates that Power 106FM programmes dominate the airwaves from 5:30 in the morning until midnight. The station's free stream on the web at www.go-jamaica.com received 689,675 hits in one month, providing an excellent opportunity for our manufacturers and exporters to reach the international market. Listeners on the web during the 5:00am to 8:00pm time segment is also a phenomenal 66% of daytime listenership.

Our objective is to give listeners and advertisers complete freedom to express themselves, thereby contributing to our social, cultural, economic and intellectual development as a nation.

Advertisement Opportunities

To advertise on this page and on Go-Jamaica contact our sales team at: or call
(876) 932 -6296 or (876) 932-6073

To advertise of Power 106 or Music 99 contact our sales team by calling (876) 968-4880-3

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