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Programme Profile

Programme Name: What Can I Do?

Linton Smith
Progamme Host: Linton Smith

Programme Profile: “WHAT CAN I DO?” is a one hour programme hosted by Mr. Linton Smith on POWER 106 during the prime time slot from 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm every Tuesday. The mandate of the program is to:

a. Help parents to discover their own unique talents and use this discovery to motivate their children.
b. Assists parents, teachers and students to discover their own learning styles and what this means for how the individual gains information and how they impart it to the daughter/son or student.
c. Display how we can all improving our thinking.
d. Challenge teachers to create more creative approaches to learning that caters to the different learning styles of the students.
e. Heighten the public’s awareness of Multiple Intelligences
f. Increase parents’ knowledge of how their parenting style can and does influence their children’s development.
g. Introduce the public to the different avenues available to help them with parenting their children and coping with daily activities in their personal lives.
h. Facilitate healthy personal development of adults and children.
i. Highlight the importance of the approach that Delta Learning Systems utilizes both in dealing with a student friendly way of learning and in the area of personal development.

Here at PCS Delta, it is our belief that the convergence of information from all stakeholders will go a long way in bringing the problems and solutions into sharper focus with a view to changing the attitudes to how our children learn and develop as well as to pinpoint those things that may inhibit learning and developing.

We therefore seek to fulfil our mandate by:

  • Incorporating the views of parents, principals/teachers and relevant officials and experts on issues surrounding children and personal development in Jamaica on the radio program “What Can I Do?”
  • Having Brain Teasers every week
  • Distributing information through panel discussions
  • Finding the answers for people who call in with questions on parenting and personal development
  • Providing useful features from week to week

About the Host:

Educator and Developer of the Delta Learning System has over twenty five (25) years experience in Management, Marketing, and Human Resource Development, of which twenty (20) years have been spent in Human Resource Management including Psychometrics evaluation, recruiting, selection and training.

He is experienced in developing procedures and policy manuals, job descriptions, effective communication techniques and Market Research. He presents Customer Focus and Leadership Development workshops for local and international organisations.

He is a graduate of the College of Arts, Science & Technology (now the University of Technology), Kingston Jamaica, University of Georgia, Georgia U. S. A, McQuaig Institute, Toronto, Canada and the CENTRE for APPLIED COGNITIVE Studies, North Carolina, U. S. A. Mr. Smith has served the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica’s (PSOJ’s) Education Committee, Department of Correctional Services Education Committee, the National Youth Policy Steering Committee, The American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM) and the Rotary Club of St. Andrew. He currently serves as a member of the board of Jamaica Foundation for Lifelong Learning (JFLL) He is the developer of the strength-based Delta Learning System, which employs the knowledge of learning style, temperament and dominant intelligence in the teaching-learning process.

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