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JLP on the murder of Dr. Barry Dixon

Jamaica Labour Party | 2012-09-01 00:00:00

I am deeply shocked and saddened to learn that Dr. Barry Dixon has fallen victim to murderous criminals in his home town, the city of Montego Bay.

The profession of Medicine and the health services of the West have suffered an irreplaceable loss on the death of such a decent and noble citizen.

It is distressingly hard to believe that anyone in this country could carry out such an egregious act against such a long-standing, dedicated, selfless servant of the people of Jamaica.Indeed, it would not be surprising to find that the murderer was delivered as a baby by him, or the services over which he presided.

Barry Dixon was a gentle, personable Obstetrician and Gynaecologist who was highly qualified and would have been at the top of the field in any country in which he worked. Being a patriotic Jamaican, he chose to live and work in his own country, serving not only in the delivery of professional care, but in the management and organization of institutions of health care. His expertise and guidance were sought by many in the field, and numerous students at all levels have been taught by him. He rose to become the SMO in charge of the medical services at the Cornwall Regional Hospital, a position he held until his retirement. However, because of his humility and modesty he chose to work out of the limelight, working assiduously to give service in the public sector and since retirement, in his private practice. He worked long hours and was always available and responsive to the needs of his community.

Dr. Dixon and I have been friends for a lifetime, from being fellow students at Cornwall College through UWI, and closer than brothers as colleagues in the profession of Medicine, and in the management of the difficult nascent years of the Cornwall Regional Hospital. Together, we operated on many patients. He was a meticulous and methodical surgeon and he enjoyed his profession.

The bell tolls for Jamaica. This remorseless killing of our people, including our professionals, is a bad signal to the world with serious consequences.

On behalf of the Opposition, I extend to his family our sincere condolences on their tragic loss.


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