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NRSC commends Reggae Boyz on historic win over USA

PROComm | 2012-09-11 00:00:00

The National Road Safety Council (NRSC) is congratulating the Reggae Boyz; advocates for the Council’s current Road Safety Public Education Campaign, on their historic 2-1 win over the United States last Friday at the National Stadium.

 In expressing commendation on behalf of the Council, Dr. Lucien Jones, Vice Chairman/Convenor, NRSC, wishes the team, a continuation of its winning ways against the US and other countries, as Jamaica seeks to advance in the World Cup Qualifiers.

He expresses the hope that the recent victory will inspire renewed confidence in the Reggae Boyz, in the way forward on the ‘road to Rio’.  The NRSC Vice Chairman/Convenor is also expressing appreciation to the Reggae Boyz in helping to increase awareness on road safety.

 Dr. Jones is urging the public to make road safety a way of life, as the Reggae Boyz have reminded them in the latest NRSC Public Education Campaign: “I hope as Jamaicans, we will be inspired by the Reggae Boyz achievements on the field and in their stated commitments to road safety, to be more proactive in exercising care and caution on our streets.”

 The theme of the current NRSC Road Safety Campaign which features the Reggae Boyz is: “Let us score for Road Safety – all the time, every time!” The NRSC multi-media Ads which have the Reggae Boyz as spokespersons encourage citizens to:

  • Avoid driving, if they drink alcohol
  • Refrain from using the cell phone while driving
  • Avoid speeding

 Data from the NRSC reveals that between January 1 and September 7 this year, 172 persons died on the nation’s roads, representing a 20 percent (20%) reduction over the corresponding period last year. The Council is hoping that its Reggae Boyz Ads and other aspects of its public education campaign will help in encouraging Jamaica to keep the death toll on the roads at a minimum, and certainly below the loss of 300 lives.

 About The National Road Safety Council

Established in 1993 as a non-profit organization by public and private sector interest groups, the mandate of the NRSC is:

 * To develop and implement road safety strategies and activities in the areas of engineering and traffic environment, enforcement and legislation, emergency response and public education.

* To act as a national coordinating body and advocate group for the promotion of road safety.

* To conduct public education programmes.

 The NRSC is chaired by the Prime Minister and its Council includes representatives of the police, other public sector bodies, the private sector, Jamaica Gasolene Retailers Association, Jamaica Automobile Association and the Drug Abuse Secretariat. Activities are undertaken with the overall aim of reducing the level of crashes and lowering the cost to society both in terms of human suffering and financial cost.

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